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Course Prefixes and Numbers


Each course is assigned a subject code that identifies the discipline, field, or program offering the course. For example, course numbers in Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences are preceded by ASLS, course numbers in Mathematics are preceded by MATH, and courses in Visual Arts are preceded by ART.


Four groups are identified by course numbers, generally to indicate the difficulty of a course and its location on a continuum of study that leads to general mastery of the content and methodology of a discipline.

Courses at the university are sequentially numbered. Courses numbered 100-499 are for undergraduate credit, 500-699 are Master’s courses and those numbered 700 or higher are Doctoral/Specialist courses.

Lower Division Course Numbers

Basic Skills courses

Not counted in cumulative credits, total credits toward graduation, GPA, nor for financial aid purposes.

Cannot be counted toward graduate degree programs.

Freshman (first year students)

For undergraduate credit.

Cannot be counted toward graduate degree programs.

Sophomores (second-year students)

For undergraduate credit

 Cannot be counted toward graduate degree programs.

Upper Division Course Numbers

Juniors (third year students)

 Cannot be counted toward graduate degree programs.

Seniors (fourth year students)

For undergraduate credit.

 Cannot be counted toward graduate degree programs.

Graduate Level Course Numbers

Graduate students may not count courses numbered 100-499 toward graduate degree programs;

500 - 599
Graduate level

May be taken for undergraduate credit.

If taken for graduate credit, cannot be counted toward an undergraduate degree (contact the Graduate School).

Juniors and seniors with a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher may take these courses.

Undergraduate students seeking to apply these courses to their graduate degree must contact the Graduate School.

600 - 699
Graduate level

For graduate credit only.

Undergraduates may be permitted if they have applied and been accepted into a master’s-level program at UNC.

700 - 799

For  specialist or doctoral credit only.