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UNC Alumni Association

We take pride in being UNC Bears

In fact, you won’t find a bigger, bolder group of graduates than the network of alumni who are a part of the UNC Alumni Association.

We bleed Blue & Gold, we proclaim our UNC ties with pride, and we believe in the power of giving back. We may come from different class years, different cities, and different careers, but together we are the Bear Network and we believe - Once a Bear, Always a Bear.


Congratulations New Grads

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 graduating with your UNC degree this December 7 and 8.

As graduates of UNC you are automatically members of UNC's Alumni Association and that means you have access to support and services from across the Bear Network. Use the New Grad Checklist to get started today!

New Grad Checklist


Upcoming Events For UNC Alumni

    Learn more about Alumni Association events | Visit the University calendar

    Bear Network  Alumni Career Services

    Connect your career to the UNC Bear Network through Alumni Career Services. From online office hours with a career counselor to employment fairs, UNC is here to support your career.

    And when you're ready to get involved, career programs provide you a great way to volunteer and give back.

    Alumni Career Services

    Update Your Career Information

    Make a Difference

    We can show you how

    Making a difference begins by being involved and giving back to UNC and future Bears.  We set a goal to get 10% of our alumni involved by the end of 2018.  Join us in making a difference by becoming a UNC donor or volunteer today.

    Campaign for UNC


    Campaign for UNC | Stories of Impact | Campaign Contacts

    A Return on Your Investment

    Did you know?

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    For every dollar

    Colorado residents spend on Northern Colorado Public Colleges and Universities, they will reap $6.30 in benefits from an educated workforce