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Name Change/Pronoun in Use/Name in Use Information

For information regarding the Name Change, Pronoun in Use, and Name in Use policies, please visit the University catalog

  • Name in Use
  • Name in Use Policy
  • Pronoun in Use Information
  • Special Characters in Name Usage
  • Name in Use/Graduation Ceremonies

Name In Use FAQs

  • What is "name in use"?

    A first name by which an individual wishes to be identified that is other than the individual's legal name. UNC provides a process for any student to include a name in use. While UNC will work toward primary use of the name in use, students should be aware that the use of the legal name will continue to be necessary in some instances.

  • What are the reasons for this policy?

    Many members of the UNC Community use a first name that differs from their legal name. These may include individuals who prefer to use:

    • an anglicized name
    • a name to which the individual is in the process of legally changing
    • a name that better represents the individual's gender identity
  • Where will my name in use appear/be used?
    • Supplementary class rosters (please be aware that Faculty have access to both legal and preferred names)
    • Housing Contracts
    • Recreation Center
    • Student Online Directory
    • Canvas
    • Student Conduct/Dean of Student's Database
    • Library check-out system
    • Career Services Database (Handshake)
    • Student email address

    Please be aware that there are many systems and processes and many of the "screens" that staff use in our information system only display legal first names)

    DisclosureCampus departments interact with, and send reports to Federal, State, and other Government agencies that verify the identity of a student by using the student's legal name, in some cases Social Security Numbers, and other personal identifiable information that prohibits the use of name in use.

  • Can I use my name in use for my graduation ceremony?

    If a student chooses to use a name in-use at their graduation ceremony and in the commencement program, they must submit an Individual Data Change Request Form and select the appropriate box to override their legal first name. This form must be completed by the graduation application deadline (deadlines can be found @ Graduation Deadlines).

    Note: A student's legal name will be published on diplomas and official transcripts.

  • Did you already submit a request for Name in Use and need to make changes?
    • If you need to make a change to name in use and you have not been accepted for graduation, please email registrar@unco.edu to make any changes.
    • If you have already been accepted for graduation and you need to change/remove a name in use, or have questions about how your name will appear in the Commencement program and announced at the ceremony, please email graduation@unco.edu to make any changes.
  • Can I specify a name in use for middle or last name?

    No, a name in use includes only your first name. If you wish to change your middle or last name, you will need to file an application with the State of Colorado. More information can be found @ Adult Name Change

  • Can I specify my middle or last name as a name in-use?

    You cannot specify your last name as a name in use as that would cause issues with reporting and create confusion. 

    If you decide to use your middle name as a name in use, you will need to request that your middle name be removed from your student record to prevent duplication and confusion. If you need to request the removal of your middle name, please email the Office of the Registrar with that request. The email must come from your Bearmail Account. 

    Changing your name in use to your current middle will impact the following areas:

    • Housing Contracts
    • Recreation Center
    • Student Online Directory
    • Canvas
    • Library Checkout
    • Career Services (Handshake)
    • Student Email address
  • Can I request any name in use I want?

    Students may designate a name in use with which they identify and by which they prefer to be known within the parameters established by the university and outlined on this website and the university catalog.

  • Does this policy apply to employees?

    The name in use policy is student focused, however an employee name in use policy is currently being developed. Please contact Human Resources with any questions.

  • How do I get a new UNC I.D. Card with my name in use?

    After submitting your name in use form to the Registrar's Office, allow 3 business days for your student record to be updated and exported to the UNC ID Card system. You may then request a new ID card at the Card Office in the University Center. If you do not want your legal name to appear on your new card, you will be required to sign a form confirming that your new card will not be used for legal identification or banking purposes

  • How much will a new card cost?

    If you have submitted a name in use to the Registrar's Office before obtaining your first UNC ID card, and you would like your card to reflect your name in use, please let the Card Office staff know prior to taking your picture. There will be no fee for your first card. There are options in how we print the card, and those will be reviewed with you before your card is printed.

    If you submit a name in use request to the Registrar's Office after you have already obtained your first UNC ID card with your legal name on it, take your legal name ID card to the UNC Card Office and let the staff know you would like to have a name in use on your card. As long as you turn in your existing UNC ID card, there will be no charge. If you do not turn in your existing ID card,  there will be a $15.00 replacement fee added to your UNC student bill.

  • Am I required to obtain a new I.D. card?

    No, the decision to request a new card is entirely optional

  • Are there any limitations regarding name in use?

    UNC reserves the right to deny a request to include a name in use if the request is fraudulent, carries connotations offensive to good taste and decency, or violates the Board Policy Manual, University Regulations, and/or the Student Code of Conduct. Issues relating to such matters may be referred to the VP of Student Affairs & the Dean of Students Office for consideration and resolution. 

    UNC will investigate reports of misuse and abuse of the name in use process/policy. Depending on the circumstances, those involved in such investigations may include Human Resources, Dean of Students, Provost, University Legal Counsel and/or appropriate Law Enforcement agencies.