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Mission and Vision

  • Who We Are

    The Office of the Registrar at the University of Northern Colorado is located in BEAR CENTRAL and reports to Associate Vice President for Strategic Enrollment. We serve the academic support service needs of students, faculty and staff providing registration support, academic records services, graduation/enrollment verification service, academic compliance enforcement, transfer evaluation services, VA certification, tuition classification, NCAA certification, curriculum/catalog, administrative academic scheduling and other related services.

  • Mission

    As the steward of academic records, the Office of the Registrar works to ensure the
    integrity and accuracy of student records in an efficient and effective manner, all while
    upholding academic policy and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

    In alignment with the mission of Bear Central, the Office of the Registrar also supports
    all UNC students in achieving their educational goals and enhances the student experi‐
    ence by delivering centralized, efficient, and accurate integrated business services in a
    welcoming and inclusive environment.  

    Office staff pursue it’s mission to enhance the campus stakeholder service experience
    and bring about a more informed community around academic and administrative
    policies and procedures in alignment with CAS standards.  

  • Vision

    The Office of the Registrar at the University of Northern Colorado seeks to support the campus community providing exceptional service to students, faculty and staff. The Office of the Registrar will provide student-centric customer service, maintain academic data integrity and accuracy in record keeping, and support of student persistence and retention efforts. In addition, the Office of the Registrar seeks to maintain high ethical standards and practices in its operations.

  • Core Values
    1. Integrity
      • Safeguard the academic integrity of the University of Northern Colorado
      • Office of the Registrar staff abide by professional ethics and practice as outlined by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.
      • Published information will be accurate and timely.
    2. Security and Compliance
      • Abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act guidelines for maintaining the privacy and use of student academic records
      • Provide training to internal and external stakeholders regarding the use and disclosure of student academic records.
      • Publish and disseminate UNC’s practice and policy governing the confidentiality and privacy of student records.
    3. Respect Equality and Diversity
      • Office of the Registrar staff will be fair, objective, and impartial in their interactions with campus stakeholders.
      • Office of the Registrar staff seeks to promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment
      • Work to understand our students on an individual/situational level
      • We respect the need to be adaptable to changing circumstances while still abiding by the policies we are entrusted to enforce.
    4. Responsibility
      • Office of the Registrar staff will perform their duties within the limits of their positions, training, expertise, and competence.
      • Office of the Registrar staff will avoid conflicts between personal interests and professional responsibilities.