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Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) is a student-run organization that seeks to advance the interests of approximately 3,000 UNC graduate students through the representation of their needs and support of activities central to their graduate education.

The GSA organizes the distribution of the largest pool of research and conference grant funding available to graduate students at UNC. Grant applications are received over four  grant cycles throughout the year. All grant applications are reviewed and scored by a volunteer committee of graduate students. 

The GSA is also tasked with contributing to the well-being of graduate students. The GSA coordinates numerous social and professional development programs, develops campus and community partnerships, appoints graduate students to campus committees and provides general support to UNC graduate students.

Volunteer with the GSA

If you are interested in volunteering with the GSA, please send an email to david.shimokawa@unco.edu. Positions include:

  • GSA Activities & Events
    • The GSA is always looking for volunteers to lead meet-ups and activities for graduate students. Activity coordinators typically have their own entertainment expenses covered by the GSA in exchange for planning, marketing, and leading activities for graduate students. 
  • Graduate Academic Appeals Board (AAB)
    • AAB appointees and graduate faculty members review graduate student appeals on a case-by-case basis. Appeal hearings involve document reviews and/or full-board reviews. Interested volunteers should contact GSA Assistant Director of Graduate Student Rights & Appeals Nicholas Dix.  
  • Graduate (Faculty) Council
    • Graduate Council appointees study and recommend policy on matters regarding graduate faculty, graduate students and graduate studies at UNC. GSA appointees are members with full voting rights. Appointees are responsible for representing the interests of the graduate student population, taking notes at meetings, and reporting information to the GSA. Volunteers interested in serving on Graduate Council should contact GSA Director David Shimokawa.
  • Campus Recreation Center Advisory Board (CRAB) 
    • GSA appointees to the Campus Recreation Center Advisory Board meet periodically with Recreation Center staff members to recommend policy and address concerns regarding the UNC Campus Recreation Center. This position is currently filled.
  • University Center Advisory Board (UCAB)
    • GSA appointees to the University Center Advisory Board meet periodically with University Center staff members to recommend policy and address concerns regarding the UNC University Center. This position is currently filled. 
  • Student Senate
    • The Student Senate is an elected body of student representatives. UNC graduate students are eligible to run for Student Senate office and receive financial compensation for their service. Student Senate meetings are held bi-weekly at 5:30 p.m. in the University Center Council Room. The GSA is seeking graduate student volunteers to increase representation and lobbying efforts. Interested volunteers should contact GSA Assistant Director of Graduate Community & Climate Margaret Sebastian.  
  • Campus Climate Initiative Work Group
    • Graduate Student Association appointees to the Campus Climate Initiative Workgroup assist with carrying out recommendations obtained from the 2015 Campus Climate Assessment (Executive Summary of Assessment) at UNC. The GSA is seeking appointees for the 2018-2019 academic year. Interested volunteers should contact GSA Assistant Director of Graduate Community & Climate Margaret Sebastian.
  • Graduate Student Appreciation Week (GSAW)
    • Graduate Student Appreciation Week was founded under the current GSA administration in 2016-2017 and takes place annually during the first week of April. GSAW committee members plan and execute numerous activities for graduate students and encourage all members of the campus community to recognize and show appreciation for graduate students. The GSA is seeking members for 2019 Graduate Student Appreciation Week planning committee. Interested volunteers should contact GSA Assistant Director of Media Relations Dannon Cox
  • Research Day Planning Committee
    • The Graduate Student Association sponsors UNC's annual Research Day which allows graduate and undergraduate students to present their research to the campus community. GSA appointees on this committee assist with planning and are responsible for furthering the interests of graduate students with this event. The GSA is seeking members for 2019 Research Day planning committee. Interested volunteers should contact GSA Assistant Director of Graduate Research Katy LaFary

The GSA is staffed by one 20-hour/week graduate assistant (the GSA Director) and a number of volunteer graduate students (GSA Council, activity coordinators, committee members, etc).

Earn Additional Research/Conference Travel Grant Money

The GSA has several sales positions available for graduate students interested in making connections with local businesses and organizations. Commission only. Earned commissions will only go towards research and/or conference travel reimbursements for the graduate student (no cash distributions). For more information, contact david.shimokawa@unco.edu to schedule an interview.  

Past GSA Events and Activities 2018-2019

Spring 2019

Feb. 23 GSA Breakfast Club @ IHOP Greeley (photos)
Feb. 9 Lunar New Year Celebration (photos)
Jan. 25 Graduate Teaching Assistant Town Hall
Jan. 16 Student Senate Town Hall
Jan. 16 Intro to GSA Grants Workshop
Jan. 15 GSA Spring Welcome Back Mixer @ Tower 56 Distilling (photos)
Jan. 11-13 GSA Estes Park Hiking Trip (photos)
Jan. 11 GSA New Graduate Student Lunch

Fall 2018

Dec. 1 GSA Breakfast Club @ Loveland Breakfast Club
Nov. 30 GSA Hockey Night @ Colorado Eagles
Oct. 27 GSA Breakfast Club @ Cranford's Tea Tavern (photos)
Oct. 26 GSA Lunch @ Holmes Dining Hall
Oct. 26 Graduate Student Breakfast w/ Andy Feinstein
Oct. 25 Greeley Night Out
Oct. 18 GSA Town Hall @ Loveland
Oct. 17 GSA Flu Shot Clinic @ Ross Hall
Oct. 12 GSA Town Hall @ Denver Lowry Center
Oct. 11 GSA BBQ Lunch @ Veterans Services Cottage (photos)
Sept. 29 GSA Breakfast Club @ Cracker Barrel
Sept. 27 Archery Tag @ Campus Rec (photos)
Sept. 7 GSA movie screening: Crazy Rich Asians
Sept. 7 GSA Lunch at TK Dining Hall
Aug. 29 GSA Grant Writing Workshop
Aug. 19 UNC Local Business Fair
Aug. 17 GSA meetup at RecFest
Aug. 17 GSA meetup at Taste of UNC (photos)
Aug. 15 GSA Fall Welcome Back Mixer (photos)
Aug. 14 GSA New Graduate Student Lunch
Aug. 14 New Graduate Student Orientation
Aug. 8 GSA Family meetup at Greeley Family Funplex
July 12 GSA Lunch with UNC President 

Past GSA Events and Activities 2017-2018

Spring 2018

April 21 GSA Breakfast Club at Dark Heart Coffee Bar
April 7 GSA meetup at Hawai'i Club Lu'au
April 6 GSA Happy Hour Social at Cranford's Tea Tavern (photos)
April 5 Sex Trivia with the MPH Program at Brix Taproom (photos)
April 5 Research Day, sponsored in part by the GSA
April 4 Yoga on the Lawn (photos)
April 4 Free Group Fitness Classes for Grad Students at the Campus Rec Center
April 3 Free Chair Massages for Graduate Students
April 2 GSA Therapy Dog Playtime (photos)
April 2 Graduate Student Appreciation Week
March 31 GSA Breakfast Club at Egg & I
March 30 Grad Student Meet & Greet Lunch with Student Senate Candidates
March 8 Graduate Coordinators' Meeting
March 7 Safe Spring Break, sponsored in part by the GSA
March 7 GSA GA/TA Office Space Meeting 
Feb. 24 GSA Breakfast Club at Cranford Cove (photos)
Feb. 24 GSA Town Hall: Denver Campus
Feb. 20 GSA Town Hall: Greeley Campus
Feb. 17 GSA Yoga Class @ Sacred Space Yoga
Feb. 16, GSA Black Panther Screening at Greeley Cinemark (photos)
Jan. 27, GSA Breakfast Club at Cracker Barrel (photos)
Jan. 25, GSA Spring Welcome Back Mixer at 16th Street Tavern (photos)
Jan. 19, GSA Spring New Graduate Student Lunch
Jan. 17, Intro to GSA Grants workshop

Fall 2017

Nov. 30, GSA How to make an album workshop with SBST (photos)
Nov. 29, GSA meetup at UNC Holiday Dinner (photos)
Nov. 23, Thanksgiving Potluck with UNC Hawaii Club (photos)
Nov. 18, GSA team at UNC Military Challenge Race (photos)
Nov. 16, GSA Veteran/Military-related Research Symposium
Nov. 8, GSA Trivia Night at Broken Plow Brewery (photos)
Oct. 30, GSA Town Hall Meeting
Oct. 27, GSA Greeley Night Out at STUFT & Fritzler Corn Maze
Oct. 25, GSA flu shot clinic (photos)
Oct. 14, GSA Breakfast Club at IHOP (photos)
Oct. 11, GSA Trivia Night at Broken Plow Brewery (photos)
Oct. 5, GSA Zero Waste Sustainability Workshop by Brittney Morgan (photos)
Oct. 2, GSA BBQ at Veterans Services (photos)
Sept. 29, Middle Eastern & North African graduate student meetup (photos)
Sept. 16-17, GSA Estes Park Overnight Trip (photos)
Sept. 13, GSA Trivia Night at Broken Plow Brewery
Sept. 13, GSA meetup at UNC Taste of APASS (photos)
Sept. 13, GSA meetup at UNC Free Speech Panel Discussion (photos)
Sept. 7, GSA meetup at UNC DACA rally (photos)
Sept. 6, GSA meetup at UNC Cultural Services Extravaganza
Sept. 2, GSA meetup at UNC Football (photos)
Aug. 18, GSA meetup at Taste of UNC (photos)
Aug. 17, GSA City of Greeley Bus Tour
Aug. 16, GSA Beer in the Breezeway Mixer (photos)
Aug. 15, New Graduate Student Social at Broken Plow Brewery (photos)
Aug. 15, GSA New Graduate Student Lunch (photos)
Aug. 15, New Graduate Student Orientation (photos)
May 27, GSA meetup at CSU's BBQ Showdown in Estes Park (photos)
April 21, GSA Colorado Rockies Baseball Game (photos)
April 14, GSA Professional Development Lunch (photos)
April 7, GSA Graduate Student Appreciation Week Social (photos)
April 4, Graduate Student Appreciation Week Lunch at the UNC Graduate School (photos)
March 9, GSA/Campus Rec Strong Bear Powerlifting Competition (photos)
March 6, GSA meetup at UNC Jazz Thang at the Moxi Theater (photos)
March 3, Graduate Students at Biology Department Chili Cookoff (photos)
Feb. 14, GSA Bowling Night at Chipper Lanes (photos)
Feb. 6, GSA meetup at UNC CSC/PASC Dessert Bake-Off (photos)
Jan. 23, GSA Spring Welcome Back Mixer at Weldwerks Brewing (photos)