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Official Transcripts

Ordering Transcripts

UNC transcripts are ordered via our online service. Please note that all orders placed are final. Orders can't be recalled or refunded after you have submitted an order.

If you have any questions about setting up a Parchment account or are experiencing issues with ordering, please call 888-666-9408.

About Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are unavailable for alumni and former-students. Current-active students can obtain an Unofficial transcript from their Ursa account.

How to Order Transcripts

  • Alumni and Former Students
  • Current Students
  • Third Party (Educational Institution) Requests

    Visit Parchment's Order On Behalf of Others page.

    A third party records release signed by the student, no digital signatures will be accepted, which includes the student's name, previous names, dates of attendance, date of birth, and last 4 digits of the SSN (optional).

    A third party may use its own record release form if it provides all the information listed above.  You may also use UNC’s Third Party Academic Transcript Request form.

    Third parties who may request transcripts on behalf of students may include:

    • Accredited educational institutions
    • Transcript processing companies
    • Military
    • Law firms, legal counsel
    • Government institutions

    Third parties who may not request on behalf of a student:

    • Parents
    • Spouses
    • Family members
    • Private employers
    • Others with no legitimate educational interest

    The University of Northern Colorado retains the right to deny any third party request, in which the university feels the student would be best served by requesting their own transcripts.

 Delivery Options

  • eTranscripts (electronic delivery) - $10.00

    Please note: Attachments that are included with the eTranscript option do not get reviewed/completed by the Office of the Registrar. Therefore, you must select the Paper Transcript option so that the attachment may be completed prior to mailing. If the order is sent electronically, the attachment will not be completed, and you must place a new order and select the Paper Transcript option

  • Paper Transcript (mailed) - $15.00

    All Fed-Ex orders** must be placed by 3pm MST (Monday-Friday). Any order placed after 3pm MST (Monday-Friday) will be processed the next business day. Any order placed on weekends will be processed on Monday morning (holidays excluded). 

    **Extra Costs dependent on level of service.

  • Paper Transcript (pickup) - $15.00

    You may order your transcript in the Office of the Registrar utilizing the online process and it will take approximately 15 minutes to print out. Or for faster service, please order transcript online at home and it will be printed and ready for you when you arrive.

    • We are located in Bear Central at the Campus Commons building, Room 2120
    • The physical street address is 1051 22nd Street, Greeley, CO 80639. See the Campus Map for more information.
    • Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
    • Must provide a valid photo ID
    • Paper Transcripts ordered for pickup will be held for 30 days. After 30 days the transcript will be shredded and the student will be required to order an additional copy at their own expense.
  • Colorado State Law HB22-1049

    Under Colorado State Law HB22-1049 'CONCERNING PROHIBITING A POSTSECONDARY INSTITUTION FROM MAKING PAYMENT OF AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE ON A STUDENT'S ACCOUNT A CONDITION OF ISSUING THE STUDENT'S DOCUMENTS. Students may request an official transcript or diploma be released for one of the reasons listed below.

    • Job application
    • Applying for state, federal or institutional financial aid
    • Pursuit of opportunities in the military or national guard
    • Pursuit of other post secondary opportunities
    • Transferring to another post secondary institution

    For additional information on obtaining an official transcript or diploma under Colorado State Law HB22-1049 please call the Office of the Bursar at 970-351-4862, option 3.

    Please note:

    • HB22-1049 does not apply to foreign/international students. Any foreign/international students with questions should call the Office of the Bursar at 970-351-4862, option 3
    • HB22-1049 does not apply to students who have holds for other than tuition debts (ex:room/board).
    • Students with holds related to conduct matters from the Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator, CARE Team, etc. must contact the respective office to resolve such matters prior to an official transcript and/or diploma being released.

 If you have any questions about setting up a Parchment account or are experiencing issues with ordering, please call 888-666-9408. If you have questions relating to UNC coursework or account holds, please contact 970-351-4UNC (4862) or transcript@unco.edu or visit our eTranscript FAQ's.