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We're Feeling the Bear Pride!

"When we began The Campaign for UNC, we asked you, our donors and our community to dream big with us.

To imagine a future that included a stage worthy of our students’ talents. To imagine the lives that you could change when you create an educational scholarship. To imagine better community service and impact through research and faculty funding. And to imagine a university campus filled with opportunity for every student – no matter their background or passion in life. You dreamed big, you dreamed really, big. And each one of those dreams translates into support of our students.

Thanks to the generous support of more than 10,000 donors, we exceeded our goal and raised a total of $54,250,654 during the course of The Campaign for UNC.

Thank you for your continued encouragement and generosity. Go Bears!"

Allie Steg Haskett

-  Allie Steg-Haskett ’03
Vice President for University Advancement

"Our UNC students are amazing.

Whether they are at UNC to become performers, nurses, educators, entrepreneurs or leaders of change, they come to us to hone their talents, strengthen their skills and knowledge, and prepare for lives and careers of inspiration. When I invite our campus to row together, I’m asking us to row for them. 

We set a goal to raise $45 million in support of student scholarships, faculty, research, programs, and the Campus Commons. We invited you to row with us. And wow, you really did! You smashed the goal out of the park and raised $45 million before we ever finished the campaign. But you didn’t stop. You didn’t stop believing in our students or the future we can create together.

Thank you for believing in our mission, in our students and those who may become future students. Students are at the center of everything we do at UNC. We are here because we are investing in the future that they will one day lead. And what a future it will be."

Andy Feinstein

- Andy Feinstein

The Campaign for UNC - By the Numbers

Illustration of a hand holding money

$54,250,654 Raised

Illustration of hands

10,848 Donors

Illustration of a book

$17,912,405 Benefiting Student Scholarships

Illustration of an achievement ribbon

3,084 First-Time Donors

Illustration of gears

$25,295,248 Supporting Student Programs

See the Impact

Explore the many ways donor support made an impact during the Campaign for UNC.

Your Support Makes a Difference 

UNC First Generation Student Scholarship

 “As a non-traditional student, I am so grateful for your support. None of my family members or siblings attended college and I never thought I would either. I am married with three beautiful children, and I want to be a good example for them and show them that it is never too late to realize your dreams.”

- Rick Wolf ’22

Rick Wolf

Larry R. Vosmera Scholarship Endowment 

“I am an Army Veteran, a single mother of 2 boys, and a first-generation college student. I truly value this scholarship award and want to thank the Vosmera Family Foundation for the generous support.”

– Susan Rodriguez ‘21

Susan Rodriguez

Thurman Wright Men's Basketball Scholarship

“I have always dreamed to attend college and play basketball; doing both is extremely difficult, but also so rewarding. I often have additional financial needs that myself and my family are unable to support and these funds will assist me in ensuring that all of my expenses are covered so that I can be a successful student and athlete. I love UNC and being a Bear.”

– Jalen Sanders ‘21

Jalen Sanders

Stryker Institute for Leadership Development

“If I did not receive scholarships, I would not be able to afford college. It amazes me how so many donors see the potential in college students and give their money to those who struggle. They do not care what race or class you are from; they care for your education and well-being. That is what makes me so grateful to be who I am and proud to be a Bear.”

- Rachael Carrillo ’20

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Read More Success Stories About Your Campaign Impact 

Donor Spotlight

Patrick Healey


Pat Healey, a long-time supporter of the College of Performing and Visual Arts, is pleased to help dozens of UNC students achieve their dreams with the help of his planned gift.

Team UNC


This year, 359 faculty, staff and faculty emeriti they gave more than $100,000 to UNC, making this the most successful Team UNC campaign yet!

Dana Cohenour


Thanks to a gift from Dana Cohenour '81 and her husband Jason, students had a special opportunity to learn from a Dance Captain for the International Broadway tour of Beauty and the Beast in preparation for this year's musical.