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Thank You for Supporting UNC Students

Each year thousands of generous UNC donors empower opportunity through education. Your support for scholarships, programs, and research provides UNC students the access to earn and complete their college degree. And through your generosity, you have impacted the lives of our students and the communities where they live and lead.

This summer, UNC is inviting donors to double the impact of their investment with a dollar-for-dollar match to the UNC Scholarship Fund as part of the Colorado Department of Higher Education COSI program. 

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Getting to the Finish Line

Recent graduate Cynthia Duarte '23 shares her experience returning to UNC with the support of COSI's Finish What You Started scholarship. UNC is home to 400 Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative scholars who are earning a college degree through a partnership between donors and the State of Colorado

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“As a first-generation college student from a low income, single-parent household tackling my college journey has been a rollercoaster. Throughout college I’ve worked full-time to support my mother and to pay for college and, as a result, it has taken me longer than anticipated to graduate. I have been consumed with worry thinking about how I will be able to afford my last two semesters of school. Because of this generous scholarship support, I can enter my last year in college with less financial stress. I am honored and extremely grateful to be the recipient of such amazing support.”


“Attending UNC was an obvious choice for me, UNC felt so welcoming and supportive! The Musical Theatre program and its prestige certainly made the choice to attend even clearer. Now that I am here, I can say with confidence that I’ve grown so much as a student, performer, and especially as a person. I am touched by the generosity of the UNC community and their willingness to help students like me in pursuing their education, and ultimately their dreams.”

VI DANG, ’22

“Once I was accepted to UNC, I started a challenging journey toward obtaining a degree with the hopes it would help me succeed in life. Receiving scholarship support helps to alleviate some of the stress I’ve experienced while continuing my education. By offering your support you have enabled me to continue my dream of becoming the first person to graduate high school and college within my family. You are helping me to make my parents proud!”


“I aspire to be a role model for other students who migrate to the United States. I want them to know they can thrive and make a difference in the lives of others. This is why I chose to become an Elementary Education teacher with an emphasis on Cultural Linguistic Diversity. These scholarships have greatly impacted my life and serve as a tremendous source of financial relief. Your support has ensured that I can pursue my dreams and has provided me with an incredible support system here at UNC.”


We are grateful for your ongoing generosity and continuous support as we advance the mission of this University.