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Academic Advising

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Degree Support: You have help in deciding what classes to take and how to register every semester.

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Mentorship: You have a key contact on campus to guide you through college and how to deal with challenges.

You have support along your journey! Follow @unco_success on Instagram for tips, reminders, and *secrets* to college from the advisors and staff in Student Academic Success.

Important Advising Deadlines

Add these dates to your calendar. They are key milestones in the semester.

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Start and Ends Vary by Session

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Summer Drop Deadlines

Varies by Session

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I register for the next semester?

    You can find your registration date in Ursa every semester: Click on “Your Date to Register” under your Registration Section. You can register at 7 am on that date IF:

    • you have met with your advisor,
    • you have your PIN (the number your advisor gives you)
    • and have no Holds on your account: learn more about Holds and Registration Errors.

    Your registration date is based on how many credits you have earned. As you get closer to graduation, you can pick out classes earlier. If this will be your first semester as a UNC Bear, you will register during the New Student Registration Sessions or with your Transfer advisor.

    You can register for new courses through the Add Deadline without additional paperwork. The Add Deadline for Fall 2022 is August 26. Some classes have a "late start" or "special term," which means they begin after the start of the semester. If you are considering a special term course, look for the add and drop deadlines for that class.

    Learn more about Registration.

  • How do I change my major or minor?

    Your advisor helps you with this process. Talk to them about your options and why you want to change, and they can get you connected to the right people for your new major or minor. You can also talk with the Center for Career Readiness about career paths and majors or minors associated with those jobs.

    Look at the college website for more information on your new major or minor and schedule a meeting with your current advisor for support.

  • What is the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a course?

    You may have two options if you decide a class is not the right fit: dropping and withdrawing. Dropping a course means you are removed from the class without it showing up on your transcript or tuition. Withdrawing means you are removed from the class, and a “W” shows up on your transcript. Dropped and Withdrawn classes do not impact your GPA, but may impact your financial aid. You will not receive tuition refunds from withdrawing.

    The general Drop deadline for Fall 2022 is Friday August 26. If you miss this deadline, you need to talk with your advisor and may need to withdraw from the class.

    The Withdraw deadline for Fall 2022 is December 2. If you miss this deadline, you need to talk with your advisor and your professor about options for finishing the class.

    “Short Courses” or special term courses that begin or end in the middle of a semester may have a different deadline.

    If you want to withdraw from ALL classes, you need to call or visit Bear Central.

  • How do I keep track of the courses I have completed and those I still need?

    You should follow the plan your advisor gives you, reference the catalog for your degree and year, and use Degree Works to keep track of your degree progress. Your advisor can review your Degree Works and Catalog requirements with you to plan out the next set of courses to consider.

    You can access Degree Works through Ursa by clicking on “Degree Works” under your Student Applications sections. In Degree Works, you will see:

    • Green Checks for completed courses
    • Blue Half-Circles for classes in progress or that you are registered for
    • Red Circles for requirements you still need
    • Other notes about your degree

    Ask your advisor if something doesn’t seem right in Degree Works, and you have questions about your courses.

Our Promise to You:

UNC professional advisors and coaches provide holistic, inclusive support helping students navigate the institution to meet their academic and personal goals by building meaningful relationships and enacting intentional advising practices. Our advising practices prioritize equity and inclusion to serve as a welcoming and brave space of support to all UNC students. Advisors attend at least two events focused on IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism) each semester to align with UNC’s Community Principles.