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Welcome to UNC Parking Services

University of Northern Colorado parking rules and regulations are enforced year round.
Signs posted at parking lot entrances indicate hours of enforcement and types of permit required for parking in that lot. Most of UNC's Parking lots require a permit 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

What's Happening at Parking Services 

Commuter Permits (Y Lot) are now sold out.

A new citation has been added to the Rules and Regulations:

Violation 153 – Parking a vehicle in a designated LEFE/EV charging station space while not actively charging your vehicle. Vehicles parked in a LEFE/EV space must be LEFE/EV vehicles AND be actively charging. $30 fine

Please contact Parking Services with questions.

UA permits are no longer required to park in the Arlington Park Apartment lots. Annual UNC permits are still required. 

 SK Permits (Student Kepner Permits) are now sold out.