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Directed Study and Non-scheduled Courses

Directed Study Courses

A Directed Study is the opportunity for you to receive credit for an individualized investigation under the direct supervision of a current UNC Faculty member. The investigation must be a specific topic that is not duplicated by an existing course within the University's curriculum. The nature of the study must involve intensive use of relevant literature, materials, or techniques and the study report must reflect a synthesis of the information or techniques acquired. Directed Studies cannot be used for Liberal Arts Core credit. The following policies apply for registration in Directed Studies courses:

  • A Directed Study course may be for not more than four semester hours of credit per academic semester, with no more than six credits of Directed Studies taken in any semester. A study may be further limited to the maximum number of credits listed in the University catalog.
  • The student should apply through the program in which he or she is doing the study.
  • Permission to engage in a Directed Study for credit must be approved by the student's program advisor, the faculty member supervising the study and the school director of the major program. The Directed Study form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at the time of enrollment and requires the signatures of the student, the supervising faculty member and the school director/department chair. A rationale for course credit form should be completed and filed in the academic program office. Forms are available only through the school in which the study is supervised.