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Institutional Transfer Guides – Aims Community College to UNC

These Institutional Transfer Guides have been developed by UNC faculty to assist students who start at Aims Community College and intend to transfer to UNC. The Institutional Transfer Guides provide a snapshot of both the courses a transfer student should take at the community college to efficiently transfer to UNC and obtain a bachelor’s degree, and the courses remaining to take at UNC to complete their degree. 

For a bachelor’s degree that requires 120 credits, a student following these guides who transfers to UNC with an A.A. or A.S. degree (60 credits with no D’s or F’s) will ordinarily have 60 credits left to complete at UNC. UNC Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) is waived with completion of A.A./A.S. degree. Note: An associate's degree is not possible for every major to still complete the bachelor's degree in four years. If an associate's degree is not completed, additional liberal arts courses may be required. Please see individual transfer guides for details.

These guides are based on current degree and Colorado general education requirements and requirements are subject to change. These plans are a recommended schedule and not reflective of every student's individual academic context. Students should consult with their advisor at Aims for course sequence guidance and their advisor at UNC after enrolling for additional graduation requirements.

Current Transfer Guides

Transfer Guides for each major will be added as they are made available and updated annually. If your program is not listed, please contact the department or college advising center for the program for additional transfer guidance. Some transfer guides are available on the Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps page and are noted below.

A  B  C  D  E  G  H  M  N  P  R  S


Africana Studies B.A.

Anthropology B.A.

Art and Design B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps

Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences B.S.


Biological Sciences B.S.

Business Administration B.S. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps


Chemistry B.S.

Communication Studies B.A.

Criminology and Criminal Justice B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps


Dietetics B.S.


Early Childhood B.A.

Economics B.A.

Elementary Education B.A.

English B.A.

Environmental and Sustainability Studies B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps


Geography B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps


Health Sciences B.S.

History B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps

Human Services B.S. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps


Mathematics B.S.

Music B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps


Nursing B.S.N.

Nutrition B.S.


Philosophy B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps

Physics B.S.

Political Science B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps

Psychology B.A - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps


Sociology B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps

Spanish B.A. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps

Special Education B.A.

Sport and Exercise Science B.S. - See Aims2UNC Curriculum Maps