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Veteran Certification

The first thing you need to do is apply for educational benefits through the Veteran’s Administration.  You may do so by going to www.vets.gov and clicking on "Apply for education benefits" and follow the prompts to apply. You may also complete a VA 22-1990 paper form and send it directly to the VA. 

The application for educational benefits must be completed even if you are transferred benefits from a family member. Once this is completed and processed, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) in the mail from the VA.  You must provide a copy of the CoE to the University. 

For more detailed information, please visit the Veteran Services website.

Your first semester using VA benefits will take the longest to process.  After you’ve completed your orientation and registered for courses, you will need to complete a Veteran’s Certification Request form.

  • From the Student Tab in Ursa, select the “Veteran’s Certification Request” link located in the Important Links channel. 
  • You will be prompted to select the correct semester that you are registered for and your personal and course information will automatically populate. 
  • Verify your benefit information, phone number, and registered courses.  You are required to select whether each course is required for graduation for your degree program.  Courses that are NOT required for graduation cannot be certified to the VA for payment.  Please read the information listed at the bottom of the page and then click “Submit."
  • Completing the Veteran’s Certification Request form sends your information electronically to our office where we will confirm your registration and submit your certification to the VA. 
  • Processing of a certification can take up to 4-6 weeks, so please be patient.  Certifications can be submitted to the VA 120 days before a semester begins to ensure that book stipends and housing payments are paid in a timely manner (if you are eligible for them). 
  • For most benefits, we must wait until the drop deadline to submit your tuition and fee amount to the VA. Also, depending on your benefit, payment may be made to you or the school. For more information about your benefits, please contact your SCO. Military cash advances may be available for students with immediate financial assistance. Please contact your SCO to see if you qualify.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to inform the Registrar’s Office of any schedule changes that you make after your initial Veteran’s Certification Request form is completed.  If you change your schedule in any way, please complete a new certification request and submit it.  This will ensure that neither the University nor you the student end up with any unnecessary debts due to a schedule change. 

Step One


This is the first step to using the GI Bill and other VA education benefits at the University of Northern Colorado. Applications for upcoming fall semester open August 1st of the previous year.

Step Two


New Students: The next step is to create an account and apply for benefits through the VA eBenefits webpage. Most students will be able to follow the prompts and answer the questions to receive the correct benefits.

Transfer Students: On the VA eBenefits webpage, you will be able to follow the prompts and answer the questions to fill out the correct form.

Step Three


FAFSA is the Federal Student Aid program. Pell grants and many other financial aid benefits should not affect VA status or benefits. This will also allow students to be eligible for UNC scholarships.

Step Four

Veterans Services

In order to ensure a smooth process and avoid delays in VA payments, students must stop by Veterans Services with their DD -214 / NGB-22 (proof of service) and Certificate of Eligibility (proof of VA benefits). Payment may be delayed if this step is not complete.

Step Five

Register for Classes

Students must meet with their academic advisor to receive a PIN to register for classes. This step must be completed before filling out the next step. The VA will not pay for classes that are not necessary for your program.

Step Six


Fill out the Veterans Certification Request  located under the Student tab in Ursa. This step must be completed at the beginning of every semester. If a student adds or drops any classes, this form must be resubmitted.

Step Seven


Accept your College Opportunity Fund or "COF." It is Colorado’s way of providing financial support for resident undergraduate students. This does not affect your GI Bill allowances.