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Residence Halls

The University of Northern Colorado is known for its strong supportive community. UNC knows how important it is to be part of a community and feel a sense of belonging.

UNC Housing has created three residential neighborhoods on campus to provide our community of Bears with the support and resources they need to succeed at UNC.

Neighborhood Features  Mesa Neighborhood  Basin Neighborhood  Ridge Neighborhood

Mesa Neighborhood

Named for being located on the epic hill of Central Campus, the Mesa Neighborhood is an active and vibrant part of campus. Located on Central Campus, Mesa Neighborhood is within walking distance of Tobey-Kendel Dining Hall, Student Health and Counseling Center, Gunter Green and the University Center. The Mesa Neighborhood showcases beautiful buildings, and some of the campus’s historic buildings, that surround campus community areas where students can study, play music or perform at Garden Theatre, eat with friends, socialize and relax on the Gunter Greens.

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Front Desk and Community Engagement Center in Wiebking Hall

Neighborhood Staff

Basin Neighborhood

The Basin Neighborhood is located the closest to athletic games, the Gear Shop and Outdoor Pursuits, the Campus Recreation Center and Michener library on West Campus. The Basin Neighborhood is great for students who want to be in the middle of all the campus action but also within walking distance to numerous areas where students can study, attend athletic games, play frisbee golf, eat with friends and socialize.

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Front Desk and Community Engagement Center in Harrison Hall

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Ridge Neighborhood

Located on West Campus and known for the cozy brick architecture that overlooks all of 11th Avenue and West Campus, the Ridge Neighborhood features the tallest residence hall. The Ridge Neighborhood is within walking distance of Holmes Dining Hall, the Campus Recreation Center, Turner Green, Campus Commons and the University Center. The Ridge Neighborhood surrounds the campus with areas where students can study, play frisbee golf, eat with friends, socialize and relax on many of the open green spaces.

Neighborhood Features

Each neighborhood features the following services to help residents succeed. 

  • Community Engagement Center

    This is a community development and engagement space located within each neighborhood where students can congregate with friends, explore campus resources, engage in skill development, and participate in events and activities hosted by your community.

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  • Front Desk Operations

    Each neighborhood has multiple front desks that are open on a staggered staffing schedule. However, in our Community Engagement Centers for each neighborhood you will find a 7 day, 8 am – 2 am a week front desk where you can find someone who can answer your questions or connect you to a campus resource when you need it. The front desks are the best place to get information about housing and residential education, campus, and the Greeley community. Each desk provides assistance for the following items:

    • Answering questions
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Submitting room repairs
    • Connecting with an HRE Staff member
    • Schedule appointments such as one on ones with the Neighborhood coordinator or a check in/check out.
  • Residential Assistants

    Student staff whose primary role is to connect with residents, build community, aid your transition to UNC, and be a resource to you throughout your on campus living experience.

  • Neighborhood Coordinators

    Each neighborhood has two Masters level live-in Neighborhood Coordinators that supervise the day to day operations of the community. Your Neighborhood Coordinator is a great resource for you while living on campus and if they can’t answer your questions, they always know who can! In addition to the basics of managing their communities, each Neighborhood Coordinator also has an area of emphasis they also focus on:

    • Neighborhood Coordinator for Community Engagement – Our Neighborhood Coordinator for Community Engagement oversees the programming and community development efforts of our Community Engagement Centers
    • Neighborhood Coordinator for Community Standards– Our Neighborhood Coordinator for Community Standards works closely with our Dean of Students and Community Standards and Conflict Resolution office to meet with students and help to enforce standards of student conduct and to promote a safe and respectful living and learning environment.