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Flexible Housing Options

UNC's Housing & Residential Education department provides flexible housing options for students that need to arrive on campus early, stay on campus during breaks or during summer session. 

Early Arrival (Fall)   Winter Break/Early Arrival (Spring)   Spring Break  Summer 

Early Arrival Fall 

Early arrival eligible students can move in on Friday, August 16, 2020. 
You must have completed the early arrival request by emailing housing@unco.edu
and asking for next steps.

Types of Arrival 

  • Early arrival not required by a UNC department, camp or team 
  • Early arrival required by a department, camp or team


  • Not Required Arrival: $45/night 
  • Required Arrival: $30/night (please confirm you name is on the list to determine eligibility) 

Things to Consider: 

If you arrive on-campus before your meal plan is active on August 22, 2020 be sure to consider early arrival meal options.

Winter Break or Early Arrival Spring

UNC's Residence Halls reopen for the Spring 2021 semester on Friday, January 8, 2021 at 8 AM. Students wishing to return to campus before that time should see the below information for Winter Break Housing/Early Arrival for the Spring Semester.

Residents living in Harrison, Lawrenson, University-Owned Houses and Arlington Park Apartments will not need to pay for Winter Break Housing.  Residents living in University-Owned Houses and the Arlington Park Apartments do not need to sign-up for Winter Break housing.        
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If you wish to stay on-campus you will need to sign up for winter break housing, you will remain in your permanent academic year room. 

Reasons for Early Arrival or Additional Stays

  • For a job, team sport or  you are an out-of-state student. 
  • Early arrival required by UNC department, camp or team. 
  • Early arrival not required


  • $150/week 
  • $550/entire break

Things to Consider: 

  • Dining halls are closed during break and reopen for the spring semester

Spring Break

Spring Break is Saturday, March 13 2021 - Sunday, March 21, 2021. If you do not sign up for Spring Break Housing you must leave your residence hall by 10:00am on March 13 and you cannot return until 8:00am March 21.

Sign-Up for Spring Break Housing

If you wish to stay on-campus you will need to sign up for spring break housing for access to your room during Spring Break.

Reasons to stay 

  • For a job, team sport or you are an out-of-state student. 


  • $150/entire break

Things to Consider: 

  • You will remain in your permanent room assignment for Spring Break


We are still finalizing plans for Summer 2021 housing operations. Please check back periodically for updated information. 

If you are living on campus for the summer term your fall financial aid doesn't pay your summer balances. Any summer balance from classes or housing must be paid before fall classes start or you may be dropped from all fall 2021 classes.  Summer financial aid is limited, so if you are not sure if you will receive summer aid or how much please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Summer Housing Options

  • UNC student taking classes during one of UNC's summer sessions.
  • Student living on campus during the Spring 2020 semester who need housing over the summer.


(The information below is from Summer 2020, Summer 2021 information to be determined)

  • Transition week: $150 
  • First 6-week session: $900 
    May 17 - June 27
  • Second 6-week session: $900
    June 27 - August 8
  • 8-week session: $1200
    June 6 - August 1
  • 12 -week session: $1800 
    June 6 - August 1
  • Entire summer: $2250
    May 9 - August 13
  • Ending transition week: $300