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Campus Commons


A gateway to campus, a unique navigation and support hub for students, and a showcase for UNC’s world-class music and musical theatre programs, the Campus Commons exemplifies our commitment to providing students first-rate academic programs with customized learning opportunities and individual support.

The Campus Commons is all about connections. Through the Commons, UNC students will connect with faculty, support services, and opportunities on and beyond campus. Alumni and community members will connect with students and what’s happening at UNC. And prospective students and their families will connect with the wealth of opportunities that awaits them here.


Campus Commons Webcam

What You Will Find in Campus Commons


Student Services

The Campus Commons is part of delivering on UNC's promise of high-quality education in a changing world. That includes streamlining student resources and services like registration and financial aid.

A Welcoming Community

As the future home of UNC admissions, the Campus Commons provides a new and better space to welcome visitors and families to campus and Greeley.

Showcase for Talent

Campus Commons will provide a new performance and gallery space for our Performing and Visual Arts programs.

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