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We’ve gathered some info for you to help make your move to campus a good experience. Additional information and specific campus updates will be sent to your BearMail. You can also log back in to your housing portal to view your housing and roommate status.

New Student Days is a series of full-day programs designed to set up incoming students and their support systems for success academically, socially and financially.

People pose while getting luggage out of the trunk of their car.

Student smiles while sitting at their desk holding a textbook in their new dorm room.

President Feinstein rolls a cart full of student's luggage alongside students moving into campus.

Back car window with the words UNC Bound written on it using paint.

Line of people carrying luggage on the street moving into campus.

Family poses in their student's dorm room with luggage.

Preparing for the move

  • In August, each student will receive an email with a specific date and time for their move in. This assigned date and time is when you can start to move your belongings into your new home.
  • Official UNC Move-In process for the residence halls starts on Wednesday, Aug. 21. When you arrive for your specific check-in time, visit your check-in location to receive your room inventory. Once you complete your room inventory, you will be able to receive a key for your room and/or encode your Bear I.D. for your room. 
  • Bear I.D. cards will be activated to open the exterior doors of the building. If you have any trouble gaining access to your building contact your community front desk.
  • Move-in volunteers can help you move in.
  • Dollies and large moving carts will be available for use on both Central and  West campus.
  • Elevators can only be used in Brown, Harrison, Lawrenson, North, South and Turner Halls. Some of our halls do not have elevators, and others are designated as Service Only. Many of our move-in volunteers are here to help you get items from your unloading zone to your room!
  • Download the Everyday App, the Rave Guardian App and the My UNC App to have updates and information at your fingertips.
  • Read the Student Code of Conduct and other campus policies, rules and regulations.
  • Contact your roommate/suitemate(s) and start discussing items that can be shared.
  • Check your BearMail for important information regarding move-in and campus updates.
  • Familiarize yourself with Greeley and the surrounding area. Locate your favorite places to eat and/or go shopping. Learn more about Greeley.
  • Obtain your Bear I.D. Card prior to arrival to campus at New Student Orientation.
  • Sign up for your meal plan starting July 30, 2024.
  • Starting August 1, order a parking pass, if needed, at UNC Parking.

How to get your bear id

We’d like to get your Bear I.D. Card to you as soon as possible. The best way to receive your Bear I.D. Card is at New Student Orientation after you register for classes. You must have your Bear I.D. Card to check-in to your residence hall. Your Bear I.D. Card will be used for many things including obtaining access to your building, your room, dining, BearPrint, and so much more.

A bear ID with a fake student's photo and name.

Obtaining Your UNC Bear ID Card:

  • You have the option of obtaining your Bear I.D. by going to the UNC Card Office during Orientation or via electronic photo submission. For first time students choosing electronic submission option, please complete the Student ID Questionnaire in your Admissions Portal. For graduate and international students choosing the electronic submission option, please send an e-mail to: UNC Card Office.
  • Once you've submitted all required materials, you will receive confirmation that your card request has been received and printed.
  • If you are attending Orientation in person, we will hold your Bear I.D. for pickup on your orientation date. If you will not be attending Orientation in person, we can mail your official Bear I.D. to your permanent address on file with the University.

More info on the card office

Who's your roommate?

You’ll want to check with your roommate(s) and/or suitemate(s) to discuss who is bringing what. You may be able to share items and save some room in your new pad– there’s no need (or space) for two of everything. Be sure to check out your floor plan online to help plan your room amenities. To find your roommate(s) and /or suitemate(s) and contact them, log back in to Housing Portal to view their info and contact through BearMail. 

Here are some things to discuss with your roomie:

  • Do you want to split the cost of renting a refrigerator/microwave combo?
  • What items are you sharing and who is bringing what? TV, microwave, coffee pot, etc.?

What to bring or not


  • Bed linens for regular twin mattress
  • Bathroom linens and toiletries
  • Posters/pictures/decor (hang all wall decor with  3M products)
  • A place setting (plate, bowl, cup, silverware)
  • Organizers/storage bins/shower caddy
  • School/office/desk supplies
  • Laptop/computer
  • For printing needs, Bear Print printers are conveniently located in each of the residential neighborhoods
  • Plants/fish (20 gallon tank max.)
  • Alarm clock/radio/MP3 player
  • Surge protector/ethernet cord
  • Bike/bike lock (U-lock recommended)
  • Coffee maker/tea kettle
  • Microwave (2 cubic feet, 1250 watts max.)
  • Refrigerator (6 cubic feet, 1.3 amps max.)
  • Safe/lock-box


  • Combustible decor, lampshades or light fixtures
  • Modified or homemade light fixtures
  • Halogen lamps or lava lamps
  • Extension cords
  • George Foreman grills/waffle irons/hot plates/air fryers
  • Open-coil cooking devices
  • Space heaters or air conditioners
  • Toaster ovens
  • Electric scooter
  • Pets other than fish (with the exception of the Harrison, Lawrenson, and Belford Halls pet-friendly floors)

Don’t have a fridge, safe or bed linens?

Help us be sustainable and rent an energy efficient refrigerator/microwave or buy a safe from the Residence Hall Association at College Products

You can also purchase your bed linens and other great dorm items at Dormify

Your New Community

Our residential halls are broken into three neighborhoods. These neighborhoods and the Arlington Park Apartments and houses feature a front-desk operation, study rooms, social lounges and community engagement centers. You have access to these things using your Bear I.D. Card to get into the buildings.


  • The Mesa Neighborhood’s Community Engagement Center is located in Wiebking. The Mesa Neighborhood includes Belford, Bond, Brown, Dickeson, Gordon, Luján, and Wiebking Hall as well as Arlington Park Apartments and University-Owned Houses.
  • The Ridge Neighborhood’s Community Engagement Center is located in South Hall. The Ridge Neighborhood is composed of Lawrenson, North, and South Hall.
  • The Basin Neighborhood’s Community Engagement Center is located in Harrison Hall. The Basin Neighborhood features Harrison and Turner Hall.

A residential community at UNC

A residential community at UNC


  • Community Engagement Center: This is a community development and engagement space located within each neighborhood where students can congregate with friends, explore campus resources, engage in skill development and participate in events and activities hosted by your community.
  • Resident Assistants (RA) and Community Assistants (CA): Student staff whose primary role is to connect with residents, build community, aid your transition to UNC and be a resource to you throughout your on campus living experience.
  • Assistant Residential Coordinators (ARC): Student staff that provide programming, administrative, and on-call support within the neighborhoods.
  • Residential Coordinators (RC): Professional staff who are full-time and live-in. The Residential Coordinators work collaboratively to oversee building operations, supervise the student staff and aid in helping students with various needs they may have.
  • Faculty in Residence (FIR): Faculty in Residence are UNC faculty who teach across a variety of disciplines and have applied, interviewed and chosen to live in the residence halls. Our FIRs bridge academic experience with social and community building by hosting dinners, guest speakers, community activities and events.
  • Coaches in Residence (CIR): Coaches in Residence are UNC NCAA Athletics coaching staff who work with a variety of sports at UNC. These coaches have applied, interviewed and chosen to live in the residence halls. Coaches in Residence help to connect all students living on campus with an athletics experience at UNC as well as help with community building by hosting community activities and events within the residential community.

Dining on Campus

First-year students are required to carry on-campus meal plans while living in the residence hall. Upperclass students living in Lawrenson Hall, the Arlington Park Apartments or one of UNC’s houses can choose any meal plan. Choose what works best for you!

Your meal plans give you access to both meals and Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars can be used at any of our Retail Dining locations across campus (including mobile food carts) and vending machines. Use your meals at Holmes Dining Hall or Tobey-Kendel Dining. Meal plan holders can also use up to five meal swipes per week at Bowlful, Crisol Latin Kitchen, Empire State Pizza and Burger & Co.


  • 300 Meals + 300 Dining Dollars
  • 250 Meals + 400 Dining Dollars


  • 300 Meals + 300 Dining Dollars
  • 250 Meals + 400 Dining Dollars
  • 150 Meals + 450 Dining Dollars
  • 125 Meals + 350 Dining Dollars


Here are some tips to easily manage your meal plan:

  • Login to the dining portal to sign up for a meal plan. The meal plan will open approximately 30 days prior to the semester start for registered students.
  • Adjust your meal plan by the Drop Deadline:
    • Monday, Sept. 9, 2024 for Fall 2024
  • Meals swipes are valid for one semester, but Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring.
  • A sophomore or above in standing is at least 20 years old or 20 earned credits by the university-published drop deadline.
  • Check out the Dining Hours for the Fall Semester.

Students making pizza in the school kitchen.

Crisol latin kitchen at UNC.


Our Bear On The Run programs allow you to carry to-go meals from the dining halls. Opt-in to sustainable “hot” to-go program for $5 (use your dining dollars if you want). Bring it back and trade it for a clean box or a carabiner for next time. In case of damaged, lost or moldy boxes, replacements will cost $5.

Order Ahead through GrubHub

Order from select retail locations and schedule when to pick up your meal. There is no need to wait in line! You can order through GrubHub for the retail locations.

Dietary Needs?

Dining has a registered dietician on staff, in case someone needs assistance. If you have dietary needs please contact Matthew Doyle at matthew.doyle@unco.edu or 970-351-1961.

Students playing board games in the living room of an apartment.

Student uses his laptop in his dorm room.

Student looks inside mailbox in the mailroom.

Andy pushes cart of luggage next to students moving into campus.

Arriving on Campus? Check in!

Students arriving on campus should check in at the location corresponding with the community they are moving into. Use the Campus Check In Locations link to find the location you should be checking into.

Parking During Move-In

Parking is FREE in all lots, regular spaces Aug. 11-20. Normal lot enforcement begins at 8 a.m. Monday, Aug. 26.

30-Minute Parking for Unloading

Lots H, F, V and ZS and portions of I, J, T, Q and 10th Avenue have been reserved as 30-minute loading areas for Wednesday and Thursday. Please use these 30-minute loading areas to unload and then move your vehicle to ensure that everyone is given equal opportunity to access the halls.

When You’re Done Unloading

Please move your vehicle to any regular space in lots J, I, C, T or Q. F lot is a Faculty/Staff Lot and will require a FS permit starting 8 a.m., Aug. 26. Please do not leave your vehicle parked in F Lot.

Parking Enforcement

Regular, unmarked spaces can be used without a UNC permit during move-in, but we always enforce safety violations including fire lane and ADA spaces, and restricted spaces such as Service and Loading Spaces.

Parking Permits

Purchase permits online at the Permit Store starting August 1. You can choose to have your permit sent to your residence hall or to your permanent address. Make sure you put the correct address for shipping of where you want it delivered.  Remember to print and use your temporary permit, because all permits are mailed to your chosen address and may take up to 14 days to arrive.




Technology & BearPrint

Wireless and wired connections are provided in student bedrooms. For devices that have a wired network connection, an ethernet cable is always advised for the most reliable and fastest connections. We encourage students not to bring a printer and instead take advantage the BearPrint stations. Read more about BearPrint. Students who bring a printer should purchase a wired printer to be connected directly a computer by USB cable rather than a wireless one. Internet connected game stations, Smart TVs, DVD/Blue Ray Players, Apple TVs, Roku devices, etc. can generally be connected to the UNC network through a wired connection after being enabled by Information Management & Technology (IM&T). Contact IM&T’s help desk at 970-351-4357 or help.unco.edu for support and next steps.

Connect with Wifi

  • Search for available networks and select: UNC-STUDENT.
  • Keycode: UNCStudent (capitalization does matter; needed only the first time you setup each device).
  • Username and password are your UNC student (Ursa) login and password.
  • Bond Hall, Berkenkotter House, Horst House and Keil House will have separate sign-in instructions located on the premise.
  • Arlington Park only has WiFi as an option, no hardwire options are available.

Internet Issues and Technical Support

UNC’s Information Management & Technology can provide assistance with  Wired and Wireless Internet and anything technology-related. They can be contacted at help.unco.edu or 970-351-4357 (970-351-HELP). Most laptops and phones can show the captive portal/webpage that pops up when you sign into UNC-STUDENT for the first time, but this can be an issue for certain devices (think game consoles and Roku/streaming devices that don’t have a web browser or display). This link shows students what devices will work properly on our wireless network and how to register devices that cannot render the captive portal/webpage.


Repairs, Maintenance, Work Orders

For nearly all maintenance and repairs students can submit a Work Request. Please select your building and your room (or the area that needs maintained). Be descriptive and provide details in your request. We encourage students to use their BearMail account to receive email notification once the request has been received and updates about work completion.

Jetz Laundry

Jetz Service Co. provides laundry service for the university. Students have the opportunity to look up if a machine is open or how much time is left on the machine for their clothes. You can find more about laundry within campus housing here. Our laundry is High Efficiency machines and do better with liquid detergent.

At Your Community Desk

  • Package pick-up
  • Select cleaning/moving supplies
  • BearPrint: Arlington Park Building 1, Hansen-Willis, Harrison, Lawrenson, North, South, Turner, and Wiebking Halls
  • Music room access
  • Gaming stations/game supplies for check-out (varies by desk)
  • Bunking pins/rubber mallets
  • Campus/community information

Mailing Packages

To send mail via USPS, UPS, FedEx or other provider, please use our guidelines to ensure your mailing arrives in a timely manner. Please DO NOT put “UNC” or “University of Northern Colorado” on any of the mail. This will redirect the mail to the UNC general mail room for faculty, staff and department mail. Hall mailing addresses can be found at Hall Mailling Addresses. Please don't schedule any deliveries to begin before August 15, 2024.

Safety and Security

UNC has many procedures in place to make campus safe and secure, whether you are inside the buildings or walking across campus. Review these campus safety tips below and learn more about security processes you can follow to help keep campus safe.


  • Program the UNC’s Police Department into your cellphone, 970-351-2245. In an emergency on campus, call UNC PD, not 911, for faster response. UNC PD can also be contacted via the Rave Guardian App for a texting option.
  • Always close and lock your door whenever you are leaving your room/apartment/house, even if  it is just to go down the hall.
  • Never prop or leave an exterior door open. This can jeopardize the safety of all students living in  the building.
  • If you lose your Bear I.D., report it immediately to the UNC Card Office and to your roommate  or suitemates.
  • If you encounter an unauthorized person in the building, contact a staff member or UNC PD immediately.
  • When a fire alarm sounds, vacate the building immediately. Even if you think it’s a drill or false alarm, it may not be.

Student sits on a bench drinking coffee.

Campus grounds in the fall season.

Student sit in a hammock on campus.

A family poses with their student in their new dorm room.


During the Move-In process, your student will be the individual who checks in with the staff, inspects and receives access to the room before moving in their belongings. This is a transition for your student and support/family members because the Family Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) federal law transfers the rights to the student when they reach the age of 18 or attend a school beyond high school.


  • This is a big step for your student, and it may be for you as well.
  • You may experience happiness, sadness, anxiety and any other range of emotions. This is very normal.
  • You may want to consider the timing of your departure. Is it after check-in? Is it when the items are moved into the room? Is it after the bed is made?
  • You may want to consider your self-care. What are you looking forward to in celebration of this transition?