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Become Faculty in Residence

Faculty in residence give students who live in the residence halls with increased access and interaction with faculty members. Faculty who have serve as a faculty in residence find that they understand their students’ lives better than before.

Faculty in Residence (FIRs), are UNC faculty who teach across a variety of disciplines and have applied, interviewed, and chosen to live in the residence halls. We believe that FIRs help UNC students transition to life at college by providing a mentoring role model in our communities who can hopefully help students feel more comfortable approaching their own course faculty.

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Want more information?  If you have any questions regarding this program, please call the Housing Office at 970-351-2721.

Faculty in Residence

She became really involved with students in many ways. She provides a great experience as both a professor and Faculty in Residence”


A truly integrated residential community built upon a foundation of higher education and learning.”

-Faculty in Residence

Your Home

A one bedroom apartment in one of UNC's residence halls with: 

  • Full kitchen 
  • On-site laundry
  • Wi-fi and ethernet 
  • Utilities
  • 24-hour security and maintenance 
  • Trash and recycling