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When visiting dining halls, wear a mask and follow all signs and posted placards to keep the UNC community healthy. 

Meal Plan Options

First-year students who are living in the residence halls are required to purchase one of the three On-Campus Meal Plans. If you’re considered a sophomore or above in standing (20 years old or 20 earned credit hours) by the drop deadline, you can choose additional On-Campus Meal Plans. UNC students choosing to live on campus are required to carry an On-Campus Meal Plan throughout the academic year (per your Housing and Dining contract).

Students who are living off campus or are a sophomore or above in standing; living in Lawrenson Hall, the Arlington Park Apartments, or UNC-owned houses are exempt from the mandatory meal plan policy.

Meals are only valid for the semester the plan is purchased. They don’t carry forward from Fall to Spring. There are no monetary refunds for uneaten meals. Parents, you can add Dining Dollars to your student's account with a credit card. 

Purchase, Change or Cancel a Meal Plan

To purchase a meal plan, you can submit an online dining contract directly here or through your Ursa account.

To change or cancel a meal plan:

  • Submit a Cancellation Request.
  • Submit changes to your dining contract using your Ursa credentials, log into your Ursa account and click on Dining Meal Plans under the "General Information" section or directly log into your Dining Contract.

 The deadline to change or cancel your dining contract is 5 p.m. on the drop deadline:

  • Fall: September 4, 2020
  • Spring: January 25, 2021

Login to Dining Contract


Rates per Semester

2020-2021 prices are subject to change until they are officially approved by the Board of Trustees in June.

  • First-year Student

    First-Year Options

    Bonus Meals

    Dining Dollars

    Price per Semester

    Any Meal/Any Time* 10 100 $3,175
    19 Meals Per Week** 15 150 $2,950
    14 Meals Per week 20 200 $2,695

    * Access to 10 meals per day. You won't be allowed to swip friends in. If you want to bring a guest you must use your bonus meals. 
    ** If no other choice is made, the 19 meals per week  plan is assigned to all students living in the residence halls in accordance with your housing contract

    The Basics

  • Sophomore or Above

    Students who are a sophomore or above in standing (at least 20 years old or who have at least 20 earned credits by the university published Drop Deadline) can choose from any On-Campus Meal Plan offered.

    Sophomore or above
    Meal Plan Options



    Price Per

    Any Meal / Any Time*




    19 Meals Per Week**




    14 Meals Per Week




    10 Meals Per Week




    10 Meals Per Week




    5 Meals Per Week




    * Access to 10 meals per day. You won't be allowed to swip friends in. If you want to bring a guest you must use your bonus meals. 
    ** If no other choice is made, the 19 meals per week  plan is assigned to all students living in the residence halls in accordance with your 
    housing contract

    The Basics

  • Off-Campus Bear Plan

    Students living off campus are eligible to choose any meal plan Dining Services offers, including Dining Dollars, a combination of meal plan and Dining Dollars, or nothing at all. (We recommend carrying at least a small Bear Plan and some Dining Dollars.)

    For those students choosing to live on campus, the Off-Campus Bear Plans are currently only available to upperclassmen (sophomore and above) who live in Lawrenson Hall, at the Arlington Park Apartments, or in the UNC-owned Houses.

    Off-Campus Bear Plans

    Average Meals Per Week*

    Price Per Semester

    160 Bear Plan



    120 Bear Plan



    80 Bear Plan



    50 Bear Plan



    25 Bear Plan



    10 Bear Plan



    *Averages are based on a 16-week semester. You can eat as many meals per week as you want.  

    The Basics

  • Early Arrival 

    If you’re moving into your residence hall early and need meals, you can request an Early Arrival Meal Package (EAMP). With the EAMP, you can have your meal plan activated up to a week early for $25 each day.

    Request Early Arrival Plan

    With the Early Arrival Meal Package, you’ll receive the following for each paid day:

    • Three meals per day at Holmes Dining Hall.
    • If your meal plan includes Dining Dollars, you’ll be able to use those early at our campus retail dining locations (including select vending machines).
    • Fall meal plans will be active starting at dinner the day residence halls open.
    • Charges will be placed directly to your Ursa bill, so there’s nothing to pay up front.

    Days needed prior to move-in date.

    Total Meals (only can use 3 meals/day)


    7 days



    6 days



    5 days



    4 days



    3 days



    2 days



    1 day



     Things to Consider

    • If you’re part of New Student Orientation or Lead On, please let us know when you submit your request. You will receive pro-rated pricing to accommodate meals already provided for you.
    • Once you’ve submitted your request, a confirmation email will be sent to you with more information within one to three business days. 
    • Cancellations will only be accepted 24 hours prior to your requested start date. There are no refunds for unused meals. Remember, guests are always allowed to pay cash at the door.

    Need more information?
    Contact us at 970-351-2652 or email diningservices@unco.edu.

  • Summer 

    Students taking classes in the summer or visiting over the summer may want to consider our summer meal plan options. Holmes Dining Hall and some retail dining locations remain open during the summer semester. Check the hours of operation for Holmes Dining Hall before you select a Bear Plan to see if our open hours work with your schedule.

    Bear Plans (the number is the meals in the plan)

    Price Per Semester

    160 Bear Plan


    120 Bear Plan


    80 Bear Plan


    50 Bear Plan


    10 Bear Plan


    The Basics

Dining Dollars 

Dining Dollars allow you to purchase food and beverage items at campus retail dining locations using your UNC card. Many of our On-Campus Meal Plans include Dining Dollars, but any student can purchase Dining Dollars in increments of $25. You can add Dining Dollars anytime by logging into your Dining Contract.


 Bear Bucks

Bear Bucks are used just like Dining Dollars, but they are loaded onto a Bear Bucks card. Anyone can purchase Bear Bucks. Bear Bucks can be used at any campus retail dining location, they don’t have expiration dates, and they cannot be redeemed for cash.

Call 970-351-2652 to learn more.

Cash Prices 

Guests and visitors are welcome and may pay using cash or credit in any of our locations.

All prices include tax.

UNC Bear Mom

Adults (13 years and above) 

  • $9.50 - Breakfast
  • $13.00 - Brunch/Lunch
  • $13.00 – Dinner

Young girl eating spagetti

Children (4 - 12 years) 

Children 3 year old and younger are free!

  • $6.50 - Breakfast
  • $8.00 - Brunch/Lunch
  • $8.00 – Dinner

Students celebrating at graduation

Gourmet to Go

Available during the academic year only

  • $8.00 - Lunch