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Building on Success

Things to Think About

  • You have accomplished so much during your first five weeks! Just think of all of the changes you have adjusted to. Some were easily navigated while others were much more challenging. The important thing is that YOU MADE IT THIS FAR!!!

Things to Do

  • Now that you have successfully completed your first five weeks, it would be a good time to think about the following:
    • Evaluating the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.
    • Checking out your grades for each class.
    • Beginning your relationship with the Center for Career Readiness.
    • Setting goals for the remainder of the semester.
    • Reflecting on the year thus far.
    • Thinking of changes you will make for the remainder of the semester to meet your new goals.

Conversation Starters

  • What did you do with your weekend?
  • What is your favorite self care thing to do?
  • How are classes going?

Get Involved While Living On Campus

UNC Bears living on campus are at the heart of the action and community. Getting involved in campus activities only enriches your college experience and helps create a sense of belonging. Students who live in the residence halls can get involved in many different ways, from volunteer opportunities to leadership roles. 

With UNC Housing you'll discover new things, get to know faculty better and learn about things you enjoy. Plus, you’ll make new connections, expand your skill set and develop lifelong friendships through activities outside the classroom.

UNC studens in downtown greeley

Community engagement centers

Community Engagement Centers

Each residential neighborhood has a Community Engagement Center that connects you to student services and offers academic and social opportunities. 


Residence hall Association

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association is a student-run organization dedicated to enhancing the collegiate experience for students living in the residence halls, university-owned apartments and houses.


Lead On Camp

Lead On Camp

Lead On Camp is a one-week program for incoming first-year students that introduces you to campus, provides leadership training and opens opportunities to get involved with the university.


Faculty member in the classroom

Faculty in Residence

Create connections between faculty and students outside of the classroom through faculty in residence.


Coffee Corner employees

Employment Opportunities

Housing and Dining Services hire students across campus in residence halls, dining locations and with UNC Catering.


Tutoring Services in UNC Neighborhoods

Tutorial Services

All of the Community Engagement Centers on campus include peer-led tutoring services for some of the Residential Learning Communities

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