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Dining Services

UNC meal plans provide you with convenience and flexibility, whether you want a quick coffee, a snack in between classes or a full meal during the day.

There are multiple meal plan options for first-year students, returning students and those who are eligible to live off campus. 

The dining portal is currently open for Summer 2024. Students registered for classes can log in to purchase a meal plan and/or Dining Dollars. Summer meal plans will be active Monday, June 3 through August 15.

The dining portal will be open for Fall 2024 starting on Tuesday, July 30.Students registered for classes can log in to purchase a meal plan and/or Dining Dollars. Fall 2024 meal plans are active Wednesday, August 21 - Friday, December 13. Spring 2025 meal plans are active Saturday, January 11 - Friday, May 9.

Convenience store in the UC

There are a variety of dining locations across campus for you to sit down and eat with your friends or grab a bite on the go when you're in a rush.

Holmes Dining Hall offers several entrées and side dishes daily, along with a great salad bar, making it easy to choose healthy items. Tobey-Kendel Dining is set to re-open Fall 2024 after being renovated this past year. The format will be very similar to the Food Court at the University Center, so there will be many options to choose from.

There are many convenient retail dining options. Stop by the University Center and grab a bagel and shmear at Einstein Bros® Bagels, a sub sandwich at Subway®, some snacks at Munchy Mart™, or fresh-made sushi at Hissho Sushi. Our newest locations in the UC include Bowlful, Empire State Pizza, Crisol Latin Kitchen, and Burger & Co. Bears Coffee Shop is located in Michener Library if you're needing some caffeine while you're studying. Starbucks® is located in Holmes Hall, so stop by and grab your favorite beverage and snack.

Students can use up to 5 of their weekly meal swipes as a Meal Exchange at Bowlful, Crisol Latin Kitchen, Empire State Pizza, and Burger & Co.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are still experiencing supply shortages, making some items unavailable. Please speak to a manager if you don't see what you need in the dining room.

Disclaimer: UNC Dining Services cannot guarantee the accuracy of nutritional information. Ingredient and nutrition content is pulled from the USDA food database/manufacturers and are subject to change without our knowledge. We serve and use the following products (among others) in meal preparation: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, and products containing gluten and soy. Specific dietary information is available upon request. Students with dietary or allergy-related questions or concerns should contact a manager or our Registered Dietitian.

pizza bar