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Summer Logistics for Residential Session

As a current ASLEI or TASL student, you will participate in a mandatory residential session each summer. The ASLEI and TASL programs will be on campus at the same time.

There are many things you need to know to be successful during the residential session. Summer logistics is your go-to place for

This page was updated March 25, 2024.

2024 Summer Session Dates:

ASLEI Online Dates:
May 29 - June 12

ASLEI Residential Dates:
June 17 - July 12

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Strategies for TASL Success (Required for new students)
May 28 - June 7

TASL Online Dates:
June 10 - June 21 & July 15 - July 19

TASL Residential Dates:
June 24 - July 12

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Campus Information

Campus information is your go-to place for all things campus related. Get prepared for the summer residential session.

Housing Arrangements

You can arrange to live on campus in a UNC residence hall or to live off campus.

If you plan to live on campus...

" "  " "" "

Read the Residence Hall Information section and complete the Housing Application (below) to secure your housing.

Purchase UNC parking (email for a monthly permit).

If you plan to live off campus...

" "" " " "

Secure your own living arrangements.

Purchase UNC parking (email for a monthly permit
or use pay stations for daily permits)

  • Residence Hall Information & Application

    The summer residence hall is determined by UNC Housing. In the past, ASLEI and TASL students have stayed in North Hall or South Hall. You must complete a housing contract to stay in a residence hall. 

    Visit North Hall and South Hall to learn about the residence hall's features, amenities, floor plan, frequently asked questions, and more.

    " " UNC provides various housing options and rates for students during the summer residential session.

    Need assistance completing the Housing Application? Check out these tutorials.

    " " Reserve a microfridge for yourself or suite. This is your only time to rent a microfridge. You cannot do so once you are on campus.

    As an on campus resident of UNC, you will be expected to comply with UNC housing rules and regulations as well as terms of conditions

    " " UNC's smoking, drug, and alcohol policies are strictly enforced. These policies, among others, are outline in the UNC Student Code of Conduct

  • Housing Accommodations

    You must complete the procedures outlined by the Disability Resource Center if you will:

    Need housing accommodations (i.e. flashing doorbell)

    Bring a service animal / emotional support animal to the residential session.

    " " Service animals and emotional support animals are allowed in all residence halls. Pets are prohibited.

  • What to Bring for the Residential Session

    You will be making Greeley your home for the length of the residential session. The items you bring will depend on how you are getting to UNC and if you are living on or off campus. 

    " " Visit residence hall's What To Bring to learn what's included in your suite, what to bring, and which items are prohibited.

    " "  Appliances

    If living in the residence hall...

    • TVs are not provided in the suites. TVs are in the lounge areas.
    • Table lightening is not provided in the suites. 
    • Alarm clocks are not provided. 
    • Needed ADA accommodations need to be listed on your housing application.

    " "  Bed & Bathroom Linens

    If living in the residence hall...

    • We recommend you bring your own linen set.  If this is a hardship, there are a limited number of linen sets for a fee. Contact housing for details. 
    • You are responsible to do the laundry of these items during your stay. 

    " "  Consumables

    If living in the residence hall...

    • One roll of toilet paper and a small hand soap will be provided. 
    • Additional toilet paper and soap will need to be purchased along with other consumables (i.e., dish soap, tissues, shampoo).

    " "  Cookware & Place Setting

    If living in the residence hall...

    • Cookware (i.e., pots, pans, cooking utensils) can be checked out from the residence hall's front desk.
    • Place setting (i.e., plate, cup, bowl, silverware) is not provided.

    " "  Equipment & Accessories

    If living in the residence hall...

    • Bring your electronic devices (with recording capabilities) and their charging cords.
    • Bring an Ethernet cord to upload videos. WiFi is provided but the physical cord will provide direct internet access.

    " "  Hangers & Clothes Iron

    If living in the residence hall...

    • Hangers are not provided.
    • A clothes iron and ironing board can be checked out from the residence hall's front desk.

    " "  Laundry Soap

    If living in the residence hall..

    • Laundry facilities is located on each floor and is free.
    • Laundry soap is not provided.

    " "  Personal Items

    If living in the residence hall...

    • Bring personal items (i.e., pictures) to make your feel at home.
    • Bring medications.
    • Bring UNC ID card.

    A variety of stores are available near UNC and across Greeley if you need to purchase items after you have arrived.

    " "

    King Soopers

    " "

    Big Lots

  • Receiving Mail at the Residence Hall

    " " You can receive mail and packages at your residence hall. 

    " " Visit Mail Information to learn about the delivery of mail at residence halls including how to format the address label.

    " " Delivery of mail and packages can be delayed on a college campus. During the summer, mail is received centrally and then delivered to the various residence halls.

Dining Arrangements

You can arrange to eat on campus through dining services or to eat independently.

If you plan to eat through dining services...

" "

Read the Dining Services Information section and complete the Dining Contract (below) to secure your meals.

Various meal options are available

If you plan to eat independently...

" "

Plan your own dining arrangements

Residence Hall has a shared kitchen on each floor
Individual meals can be purchased at the dining hall


Your UNC ID card is your "key" to campus. 

If you are new to campus...

" "

Obtain your ID card.

New cards can obtained in person or online for free.

If you are returning to campus...

" "

Bring your ID card.

Replacement cards can obtained in person or online for $15.

  • Using Your Card On Campus

    You will use your ID card to access many services across campus. You will use your card at:

    Residence Hall
    " "

    Dinning Services
    " "

    " "

    Rec Center
    " "

    " " Visit Card Office to learn about your Bear ID card, obtaining or replacing a card, preferred name policy, frequently asked questions, and more.

  • Using Your Card Off Campus

    You can use your ID card to access discounts across Greeley. Show your ID card!

    " " Show your UNC ID card and ride the Public Bus for free.

Transportation Considerations

You will need to get yourself to UNC to attend the residential session. 

If you plan to drive...

" "

North Hall
2253 11th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631

Contact Parking Services to purchase a parking permit. Approximately $44 for a month


If you plan to fly...

" "

Use Denver International Airport (DEN)
Landline provides transportation between Greeley and DIA.

Many students attend the residential session without their own car.

" "
Walkable community
(Ask a peer for a ride)

" "
UNC Bike Rental
Free with UNC ID Card

" "
Public Bus
Free with UNC ID Card

Immunizations, Vaccines & Exemptions

You are a UNC student and as such you are required to be vaccinated to participate in in-person classes, activities, services, events, and housing. A vaccine exemption may be submitted. 

Program Information

Program information is your go-to place for all things related to your academic studies during the summer residential session. The following information applies to both ASLEI and TASL students. 


Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides accommodations for the UNC community. If you need academic or campus accommodations, you should start the process as soon as possible. The DRC works collaboratively with students to to determine and provide appropriate accommodations. 

Academic Equipment & Supplies 

You will need access to equipment and supplies during the residential summer session. Suggested items to bring with you:

Laptop w/ Camera
" "

with charging cords

Ethernet Cable
" "

for direct upload of videos

Course Materials
" "

textbooks, handouts, etc.

School Supplies
" "

paper, pens, etc.

To promote student success, UNC makes equipment available to students.

Language Expectation

You will be on campus with students from the ASLEI and TASL programs. To create an inclusive and rich environment of interactions and learning, follow these language expectations:

If you are in a public/common area...
" "

If you are in classroom...
" "
Use the language outlined by each instructor & course content

Dress Code 

The ASLEI and TASL programs want to foster the recognition that we are future professionals. Dressing according to professional standards shows we are serious about our professional goals.

  • Mondays - Thursdays In the Classroom

    " " Business-casual clothing is expected while you are in class or in scheduled meetings.

    When packing, you should consider: 

    Bring comfortable walking shoes.
    " "
    You will be walking around campus.

    Dressing in layers.
    " "
    Weather changes quickly and inside is air conditioned.

  • Fridays In the Classroom

    " "  Fridays are Bear Pride day! Wear your UNC gear with jeans or wear business-casual. 

  • Out of the Classroom

    Bring your yoga pants, shorts, jeans, overalls, flip flops, and so on for your free time.

Survival Tips

Summer session is challenging. You are taking multiple courses (6-9 credits) in an accelerated format. You are in classes all day during the weekdays and have assignments during the evenings and weekends. Regular classes are being condensed into just a few week. You have left your home, job, and family / support people. While the ASLEI and TASL programs limit your time away, the stress is real. The result is the residential summer sessioin provides you with the academic foundation you need to successfully complete your program. 

  • Drink Water (Often!)

    " "Altitude sickness is a very real thing. You will be living and studying at a mile above sea level. No matter where you are from, keep yourself hydrated!

  • Grow Where You Are At

    " " You are here to learn – allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone, be open to learning new things, and continue to question and challenge yourself. You are here to grow as a student, person, and professional. Comparing yourself to your classmates is unproductive and often adds to your stress level.

  • You Get What You Give

    " " The more work you put into the program, the more you will get out of it.

  • Build Relationships

    " " Classmates are your best support system. They understand what you are going through and can empathize. Classmates can also provide alternate points of view and serve as additional information sources to the curriculum being taught.

  • Respect Each Student

    " " Trust and sharing makes a great learning community. What happens in class stays in class.

  • Schedule Down Time

    " " The summer session is rigorous and can be stressful. Be sure to find time to relax; take a walk, exercise, breathe deeply.


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