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ASL Minor

You can minor in ASL to compliment your UNC major. The ASL Minor enhances your fluency in ASL and deepens your knowledge of Deaf Culture to meet your academic, personal, and career goals.

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In Person & Virtual Language Specialists
for ASL I - VI

  • Minor Courses (& ASL Screening)

    The ASL Minor is for UNC students with a UNC declared major. " "

    The ASL Minor Requirements range from 18-24 credits and consists of language and elective courses.

    ASL Courses

    ASL 101: American Sign Language I

    ASL 102: American Sign Language II

    ASL 201: American Sign Language III

    ASL 202: American Sign Language IV

    INTR 101: American Sign Language V

    INTR 102: American Sign Language VI

    " "
    ASL I-VI are sequential courses.
    Complete ASL courses one at a time and in order.

    Elective Courses

    INTR 312: Intercultural Communication

    ASL 310: Deaf Culture & Community

    EDSE 550: Foundations of Deaf Education

    " "
    Electives can be completed in any order after ASL IV.
    You can take them simultaneously with ASL V and ASL VI.

    EDSE 550 is a graduate course; registration requires approval.

    To earn the ASL Minor, you must complete at least ASL IV, V, & VI and six credits of electives. You can start the minor anywhere between ASL I to ASL III.

    Starting at ASL I

    " "

    Complete minor in 6 semesters

    Starting at ASL IV

    " "

    Complete minor in 3 semesters

    Your placement in the ASL sequence depends on your background.

    New to ASL
    " "
    Take ASL I
    (24 credits)

    ASL @ College Level
    " "
    Take Next ASL Course
    (18-24 credits)

    ASL @ High School Level
    " "
    Schedule ASL Screening
    (18-24 credits)

    Life Experience
    " "
    Schedule ASL Screening
    (18-24 credits)

    The ASL Screening will place you in the appropriate ASL course given your communication fluency. The ASL Screening is also recommended if your college level ASL course(s) were more than one (1) year ago.

    " " Email Kate to schedule your ASL Screening

    " " ASL Screening is conducted online & cost $25
    Retro-credit may be available

  • Declare the ASL Minor

    As an incoming UNC student, you will declare the ASL Minor as part of the admissions process.

    " " As a UNC student

    1. Discuss the ASL Minor with your major advisor

      " "Declaring the ASL Minor may change your catalog year which could potentially change the requirements of your major.

    2. Major advisor submits major/minor changes through OnBase.

      " "Your registration PIN will be assigned by your major advisor.

    " " The ASL Minor advisor is Kate Beilmann.

  • Course Delivery & Cost

    The courses for the ASL Minor are offered on-campus and online to fit your learning and financial needs.

    " " Check UNC's Schedule of Classes to find on-campus and online language and elective courses.

    " "

    On-Campus Courses

    • Traditional learning environment
    • Synchronous classroom meetings
    • Offered on UNC's Greeley campus

    " "

    On-Campus Tuition Rates

    • Variable rate based on in- and out-of-state residency
    • Visit Admissions for tuition costs

    " "

    Online Courses

    • Non-traditional learning environment
    • Asynchronous through Canvas
    • Offered through Extended Campus

    " "

    Online Tuition Rates

    • Set rate no matter your residency
    • Visit Extended Campus for tuition costs (click on the class you are interested in)

    The curriculum for both on-campus and online courses are the same; the delivery method is different.

    Additional ASL Course Fee: 

    Modern language courses, including American Sign Language, typically include a language lab fee to cover costs of the language lab during the class.  For many spoken language labs this covers the cost of software and/or equipment.  Based on research and a pilot project the ASL faculty determined that students learn ASL best through authentic communication with native users of ASL.  Therefore, the course fee covers the costs associated with hiring language specialists who interact in real-time using authentic and native language with ASL students.  

    Find your Registration Date " "

  • Grade Requirement

    " " You must get at least a 'B' grade in all courses within the ASL Minor. This includes previous ASL courses taken prior to declaring the minor. 

  • Language of Instruction

    " " ASL courses are taught by qualified Deaf faculty who use ASL as their primary language.

    Two of the elective courses, Deaf Culture & Community (ASL 310) and Intercultural Communication (INTR 312), may be taught in ASL by Deaf faculty. Professional sign language interpreters may be employed to interpret course content into spoken English.

    The third elective course, Foundations of Deaf Education (EDSE 550), is taught in English.

    All courses within the ASL Minor are taught by qualified ASLIS and CEBS faculty who are engaged with the Deaf Community.

Need a Step Back

Ways to Take Your ASL Minor Further

Become an ASL Teacher

" "

The ASL Minor, by itself, does not prepare you to be an ASL-English interpreter or to be an ASL teacher.
The ASL Minor does provide you with a strong foundation to build these advanced professions on.