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Immunization Requirements

The State of Colorado Immunization law (C.R.S. 25-4-901) requires all students to submit proof of immunizations. Students must submit records prior to registering for classes at UNC. Students will not be allowed to register until after they have submitted a completed immunization record. See below for specific immunization requirements.

If you do not have a copy of your immunization record your provider can use the form below to fill out the dates of your vaccines (this form is not required if you have other documents showing proof of vaccination). 

Certificate of Immunization

If you wish to file a Non-Medical Exemption from immunizations, you must sign and submit the form below.

Non-Medical Exemption Form 

For those wishing to file a Medical Exemption from immunizations, your Provider (Physician, nurse, or other medical provider) will need to complete the form below.

Medical Exemption Form to be completed by your medical provider

Please note: If you file exemption from the required immunizations (measles, mumps, rubella and meningitis) and there is an outbreak of any of these vaccine preventable diseases on campus, you will be excluded from campus and classes for at least 21 days after the last known case. In addition tuition will not be refunded, and if you are living in student housing you will be required to find alternate housing at your expense.
(The ACWY meningitis vaccine is only required if living on campus, however it is highly recommended by the CDC for all college students. See below for additional information regarding both types of meningitis vaccines).

*International students and Graduate students may upload their immunization records by logging into the Admissions Portal.

If your provider does not have a copy of your immunization record we recommend calling your high school or previous universities (if you are a transfer or graduate students) to see if they may still have a copy of your record on file. If you cannot locate records, please call our office for further instructions.

Note: To check if your record has been entered and your registration hold has been lifted, log into Ursa, choose the student tab and then registration status. Check this link every semester prior to your scheduled registration date for any outstanding requirements. We will do our best to get your record entered as soon as possible.

Any student living on campus, must provide an immunization record showing proof of of a meningitis vaccine that covers ACWY within the last 3 years. This includes any student taking classes on-line or through Extended Campus if they are also living on campus. To live in student housing, you must meet the immunization requirements.


Here's what you need to register:

  • All Students: University students born after January 1, 1957 must show proof of two MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccines, the first administered no earlier than 4 days prior to the first birthday, and the second at least 28 calendar days after the first dose.  This requirement applies to all students (undergraduate, graduate, and extended studies).

  • All students living on campus: In addition to the 2 MMR vaccines required for all students, those living on campus must have a Meningitis (type ACWY) vaccine given within the last three years (you may decline the meningitis vaccine but may be subject to exclusion from campus in the event of an outbreak).

  • Nursing Students and Clinical Athletic Training Students: 2 MMR vaccines, 3 Hepatitis B vaccines or a positive titer, 2 Varicella vaccines or a positive titer, TDAP within the last 10 years, and a recent TB test.

New Student Freshman Orientation

Freshman will register with an Advisor during New Student Orientation (NSO). Immunization records will need to be submitted prior to NSO so that we can remove the registration hold. If you can not submit records prior to NSO, you will sign a "Provisional Enrollee Form" which allows us to remove the hold so that you can register during NSO. Orientation leaders will guide you in this process. Every student will be allowed to register for classes during orientation.

Please note: If you are living on campus, you are required to have a current Meningitis vaccine within the last three years. If you have not had this vaccine within the last three years, we offer FREE Meningitis vaccines at the Student Health Center. Documentation of this vaccine will need to be submitted prior to move-in-week in August.

Free Meningitis Vaccine @ Student Health Center!

Many thanks to Sierra's Race Against Meningitis for providing this life-saving vaccine to our students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities. For more information or to donate go to Sierra's Race Against Meningitis.

Meningitis Vaccine Information

Meningococcal Meningitis can cause serious illness or even death in as little as 24 hours and is highly contagious. College student are at highest risk for contracting Meningitis. Immunization can reduce your risk. Additional information about this disease is available online at the CDC website. Contact your physician to make sure you are fully vaccinated and protected.

The State of Colorado requires a Meningitis vaccine given within the last 3-5 years, for all students living in student housing. For all other University students the Meningitis vaccine is highly recommended. The required vaccine covers strains ACWY. In addition to the required vaccine, we highly recommend having the Meningitis B vaccine series as well. For more information regarding school requirements and recommendations please call the Immunizations Office at 970-351-1919 or email debra.miller@unco.edu.

If you are a freshman living in student housing, you must acknowledge that you have received the vaccine. If you have elected not to have the vaccine, you must still read and acknowledge that you understand the risks of non-vaccination when you complete your housing contract.

The CDC and The American College Health Association recommend a Meningitis booster for all college students if it has been three or more years since your last dose.

Recommended Vaccines for College Students

The American College Health Association, the Center for Disease Control, and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices have developed a list of recommended vaccines for all college student. To see which vaccines are recommended for you see ACHA Recommended Vaccines for College Students.