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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates


Parking Services staff has resumed in person services at the University Center Information Desk. 

Student Permits

Annual Student Permits are now available for purchase at unco.thepermitstore.com. Once purchased, the cost of the permit will be applied to the student bill. 

After you place the order for your permit, a three week temporary permit will be emailed to you. Please display this temporary permit until your annual permit arrives in the mail. If your permit does not arrive within three weeks, please contact parkingservices@unco.edu

Permits can only be purchased after the student has registered for classes.

Students will receive a repositionable window sticker.

As of August 2020, we have eliminated Student K Permits. Student Annual Permits are now valid in KE.

Commuter Permits are valid in Y Lot only. Commuter Permit holders who park outside of Y Lot will be subject to citation.

Campus Parking Map PDF

Annual Permit Pricing

Annual permit prices are prorated depending on when the permit is purchased. 

Student Fall and Commuter Fall permits are not available for purchase in December.

Fall Semester

Student Permits Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Student Annual
Student Fall
Commuter Annual
Commuter Fall
Graduate Assistant

Spring Semester

Student Permits Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July
Student $200.00  $171.00  $143.00  $114.00  $84.00  $60.00 $40
Commuter $119.00  $102.00  $85.00  $68.00  $51.00  $34.00 $15
Graduate Assistant $224.00  $192.00 $160.00 $128.00  $100.00  $60.00 $45