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UNC’s Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting Studies (ASLIS) mission statement is:

Quality instruction preparing culturally and linguistically competent interpreters, teachers and users of American Sign Language.

The Department houses four areas of study built around American Sign Language (ASL), Deaf Culture, and related fields of interpreting and teaching. The ASLIS programs offer highly regarded curricula with input from national experts, taught by nationally recognized instructional staff, and offered through multiple delivery methods.

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Applications are now open for the ASL-English Interpretation BA Program and Teaching ASL MA Program! Use the following options to begin the process:

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Areas of Study

ASL Courses

ASL I-IV will develop your ASL skills and knowledge of Deaf Culture. With over 20 sections of ASL courses offered each fall and spring semester there is plenty of opportunity to begin and continue your studies of ASL.

• ASL I, II, III, and IV are offered on campus.
• ASL III and IV are also offered online.


ASL Minor

American Sign Language Minor will expand your skills and knowledge of ASL and Deaf Culture through ASL I-VI and two upper division knowledge courses. The minor can accompany many UNC majors.

  • ASL Minor is offered on campus and online.
  • ASL Minor is only available to UNC students.


ASLEI Bachelors

ASL–English Interpretation (ASLEI) Bachelor of Art program will train you to mediate communication events in either community or educational settings.

The ASLEI program is completed on campus or online (on campus summer sessions required).


TASL Masters

Teaching American Sign Language (TASL) Master of Arts program will train you to be an ASL instructor. TASL offers two programs: the Master’s or the Master’s Plus Licensure.

Both programs are completed online with summer sessions in Greeley, CO.


Graduate Spotlight

ASLEI grad - Abby

Abigail Ashcraft
2018 Honor Graduate from the ASL-English Interpretation program

Abigail Ashcraft, a 2018 graduate from the University of Northern Colorado earned her Bachelors of Arts in ASL-English Interpretation, with an emphasis in educational interpreting.

Abigail writes: "I knew ever since I was a little girl that I wanted to be an interpreter, and attending UNC was one of my first steps toward making that dream a reality. While I had always thought that I would become a community interpreter, my advisor and instructors encouraged me to consider the K-12 interpreting emphasis. I’m so glad I did, as it was in those courses that I discovered a passion for early intervention with deaf children, a passion that I immediately applied by working in a D/deaf and hard of hearing preschool. Thanks to the incredible education and mentoring I experienced in the ASLEI program, I took the EIPA during my third year and achieved a score of 3.7, meeting my state’s standard. I worked as a K-12 interpreter during my last year of the program, and have continued interpreting at the elementary level since moving to Wisconsin. Since graduating, I have been working toward RID certification and hope to achieve that within the year. I am so thankful for my time at UNC and how the program challenged me to be continually growing in my skills as an interpreter."