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In light of Campus closure regarding COVID-19, employees in the college of Education and Behavioral Sciences are working remotely and faculty are teaching classes virtually in an effort to best support our campus community. We ask for your patience as some services may be limited and response time may increase. We appreciate your understanding as we prioritize health and safety. Updates will be published to UNC's COVID-19 information page as the situation develops.

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UNC’s Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting Studies (ASLIS) mission statement is:

Quality instruction preparing culturally and linguistically competent interpreters, teachers and users of American Sign Language.

The Department houses four areas of study built around American Sign Language (ASL), Deaf Culture, and related fields of interpreting and teaching. The ASLIS programs offer highly regarded curricula with input from national experts, taught by nationally recognized instructional staff, and offered through multiple delivery methods.

Daily Operational Updates

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Applications are now open for both the ASL-English Interpretation BA Program and Teaching ASL MA Program! Use the following options to begin the process:

ASLEI BA Program Teaching ASL MA Program 
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2019-20 ASLEI BA Honorees 


Laurel Apodaca (IL) majors in ASL-English Interpretation with an emphasis in educational interpreting, and a minor in ASL. Laurel is an OSEP Scholar committed to working with K-12 students who are deaf and hard of hearing. She is highly receptive to feedback, actively seeking opportunities to apply the learning to greater depth. She handles conflict with courage, leads by example, remains focused on her work, and encourages others to do the same. Laurel has already begun to have an impact on the field as she volunteered to develop quarterly newsletters, called In the Trenches, that are disseminated nationwide for the RID Member Section of the Interpreters in Education and Instructional Settings. Laurel’s dedication to be a lifelong learner is indicative of her potential to become a leader who will make a difference in the profession.


Gabriella Hollinshead (CO) majors in ASL-English Interpretation with an emphasis in educational interpreting, and a minor in ASL. As an OSEP Scholar committed to working with K-12 students who are deaf and hard of hearing, Gabby is engaged in her learning, digging deep into the activities, discussions, and assignments to show her critical thinking and reflective practice.  Her consistently high-quality work is done in a timely manner.  With Deaf parents, Gabby approaches the curriculum with a unique perspective of a native linguistic-cultural background; yet she remains humble, encouraging and motivating to her peers. In addition, she welcomes instructor feedback and demonstrates a willingness to stretch professionally well beyond all her previous influences.  Gabby is moving toward her work as an interpreter-practitioner who will take her place as a change-agent and leader in the field. 

Areas of Study

ASL Courses

ASL I-IV will develop your ASL skills and knowledge of Deaf Culture. With over 20 sections of ASL courses offered each fall and spring semester there is plenty of opportunity to begin and continue your studies of ASL.

• ASL I, II, III, and IV are offered on campus.
• ASL III and IV are also offered online.


ASL Minor

American Sign Language Minor will expand your skills and knowledge of ASL and Deaf Culture through ASL I-VI and two upper division knowledge courses. The minor can accompany many UNC majors.

  • ASL Minor is offered on campus and online.
  • ASL Minor is only available to UNC students.


ASLEI Bachelors

ASL–English Interpretation (ASLEI) Bachelor of Art program will train you to mediate communication events in either community or educational settings.

The ASLEI program is completed on campus or online (on campus summer sessions required).


TASL Masters

Teaching American Sign Language (TASL) Master of Arts program will train you to be an ASL instructor. TASL offers two programs: the Master’s or the Master’s Plus Licensure.

Both programs are completed online with summer sessions in Greeley, CO.