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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates | Fall 2021 Plans

UNC is planning to return to a full schedule of in-person courses for the fall 2021 semester
and restoring in-person activities and events. Read More

What to Bring

Check with your roommate before bringing everything yourself. Often the amenities in a room are shared and there’s no need (or space) for two of everything.

COVID-19 Note

To honor physical distancing and limit staff entry of student residence halls rooms, we have suspended the bed bunking, raising and lowering program this year.

All beds will be set at the medium height (approximately 32” to the top of the mattress from the floor”). If special accommodations need to be made, we will ask students to work with our team and the Disability Resource Center as needed.

  • What's Included

    Each room comes equipped with the following basic essentials:

    • A clothes storage solution
    • A desk
    • A two-position desk chair
    • An adjustable height twin size bed
      • Beds are set to a medium height to accommodate both storage under the bed and ease of use.
      • The bed has a dual firmness Twin mattress (firm or extra firm, depending on which side is up)
    • Fire-retardant window coverings
    • Other amenities
    • Overhead or lamp lighting - varies by location.
  • What to Bring
    • 3-M Products for hanging decorations
    • A place setting (plate, cup, bowl, silverware etc.)
    • A robe
    • A small safe for valuables or a laptop lock, please consider purchasing an electronic safe through the Residence Hall Association.
    • Alarm clock, radio, Bluetooth Speaker, or MP3 player
    • Bathroom linens (towels, washcloths), please consider purchasing linens through the Residence Hall Association.
    • Bed linens (sheets, pillow, pillowcases and blankets), unless otherwise requested all mattresses are regular twin size beds, please consider purchasing bed linens through the Residence Hall Association.
    • Bicycles with a U-lock - Bicycle racks are available outside each residence hall facility Bikes should be locked by the frame, and registered through UNC Parking Services. (Locks are included in the registration cost through UNC Parking Services.)
    • Cell phone, chargers
    • Clothes for warm and cool weather
    • Electric Heated Blankets are allowed on campus; however, the blanket must be UL-approved, operated and maintained in full compliance with safety and sanitary standards.
    • Ethernet cord and adapter for your device
    • Fish (maximum 20 gallon tank), please see our other animal restrictions in the UNC Housing & Residential Education Handbook
    • Laptop and/or computer (Note: some majors might require special software)
  • Coordinate With Your Roommate
    • Basic utensils (i.e. can opener)
    • Coffee maker / Tea Maker
    • Digital TV compatible with UNC's Apogee Campus Televideo system
    • Induction cooking device (Only if approved)
    • Microwave:  2 cubic feet and 1250 watt maximum, please consider renting a combined microwave-refrigerator unit through the Residence Hall Association.
    • Printer - There are a number of printers on campus, including at several of our residence halls, learn more about Bear Print.)
    • Refrigerator: 6 cubic feet and 3 amps maximum.  Please consider renting a combined microwave-refrigerator unit through the Residence Hall Association.
    • Students that live in suite-style rooms will need to bring their own toilet paper.
  • Prohibited Items in a Residence Hall

    The UNC Housing & Residential Education student handbook contains the most current information regarding the rules and regulations of the residence halls. Possession of prohibited appliances is a violation of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Community Standards and may result in disciplinary action. If you have questions about an appliance, hall staff (Resident Assistant or Neighborhood Coordinator) are available to help determine if an appliance is approved.

    • Animals:
    • Appliances: (Household Appliances other than those provided by UNC)
      • Air conditioners
      • Dishwashers
      • Forced air space heaters
      • Ovens/ranges
      • Washing machines
      • Microwaves over 1250-watts/2 cubic feet
      • Refrigerators over 1.3 amps/6 cubic feet
    • Bidets
    • Candles and/or Incense:
      • Candles (Note, decorative candles with the wick cut are allowed in residential facilities)
      • Incense and incense burners
    • Computer Network Equipment:
    • Cooking Appliances, including but not limited to:
      • Air fryers
      • Crockpots
      • George Foreman grills
      • Hot plates
      • Instant pots
      • Rice cookers
      • Toaster ovens
      • Waffle irons
    • Combustible decorations or combustible light fixtures, including paper lanterns
    • Extension Cords:
      • Electrical extension cords must be well maintained and in good repair, have a grounding prong and bear the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) label.
      • Extension cords running from light fixtures
      • Multiple extension cords plugged into each other or using a spider-type configuration extension cords
    • Flammable Liquid or Compressed Gases:
      • Any type of flammable liquids or compressed gases or aerosols including tanks (propane, butane, etc.)
      • Torches
      • Grills
      • Lanterns
      • Other gas operated devices
    • Furniture:
      • Any alterations to UNC provided room furnishings
      • Bed risers: including cement/cinder blocks or other items to loft/raise a bed
      • Lofting of beds (Homemade or Non-approved bed lofts)
      • Using UNC-owned furniture in a manner other than which it was designed to be used is prohibited
      • Waterbeds
    • Grills and Grilling Accessories:(other than those provided by UNC)
      • Use or storage of charcoal, kerosene, propane, or electric grills
    • Lamps and Light Fixtures: (except for those provided by UNC)
      • Halogen lamps
      • Modified or homemade light fixtures
      • Incandescent bulbs above the wattage rated for the fixture (Light fixtures in your room should be equipped with 60 watt for ceiling fixtures or 45 watt for lamps. Do not increase the bulb size or wattage)
      • Sun lamps
    • Outdoor Antennas (including but not limited to satellite dishes)
    • Motorized Vehicles
    • Weapons and/or Ammunition:
      • Ammunition
      • BB guns
      • Bows and arrows
      • Firearms
      • Knives
      • Martial arts weapons
      • Paint guns
    • Vegetation of a Combustible Nature, including but not limited to:
      • Christmas trees
      • Tumbleweeds
      • Wreaths