Your UNC student account is the username and password you use to access most of UNC’s services including Ursa, Canvas and Email. In most cases, the username is the first four letters of your last name with four random numbers. (For example, student Klawz Bear’s username would be 

  • How do I activate my student account? 
    • Activate your student account through the Ursa website. There are two steps to fully activating your account; be sure to activate through the Ursa website then setup your password reset options.
  • When do I get a student account?
    • Once you have been admitted to UNC as a student your account is automatically generated.
  • How do I check my admission status?
    • You can check your application via the Slate portal or call the Admissions Office at 970-351-2881
  • How long do I get access to my student account?
    • You will retain access to your student account the entire time you are an active student. If you choose to leave the University, become in-active, or graduate you will retain access for approximately one year after the last class registration.
  • How do I get a GA, TA or Student Employee account? (

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