Hello UNC Clubs and Organizations leaders! I hope you are all enjoying the rest of your summer! I am sure many of you are wondering about re-chartering for the 2015-2016 school year. I will be having a club information meeting on Thursday, September 10th. All you need to know about starting/chartering a club will be covered at that meeting, and it is mandatory. My hope is to have everyone who attends able to leave with all the proper chartering filled out and with the knowledge on how to run a successful club at UNC!

If you would like to see an overview of club processes and requirements, I would suggest taking a look at http://www.unco.edu/clubs/start.html.


2015-2016 Chartering Information

Chartering information for the 2015-2016 school year will be posted by August 1, 2015.


To be a recognized student organization at UNC, groups must submit new chartering information, complete with signatures every year.  2015-2016 Chartering packets will be accepted after a member of the club attends a chartering/funding meeting or makes arrangements with the Student Trustee.


Why charter your club? Here's some of the benefits:

  • Eligible student organizations may request financial assistance from Student Senate according to the Student Senate Guidelines for funding student organizations.
  • Chartered student organizations may request a mailbox in the Student Activities area.
  • Use of most University buildings, facilities, and services at special chartered student organization's rate or free of charge according to prescribed University area policies.

Instructions on the chartering and funding process can be found in the starting a club section and the club funding section. For meeting dates, times, and locations, check out the resource manual and the calendar of events.

If you would like more information, please contact: Brandon Miller, Student Trustee, at Brandon.Miller@unco.edu.