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Analyze Society and Achieve Social Change

Sociology is the study of social structure and the causes and consequences of human behavior. Sociologists investigate group dynamics, organizations, institutions, social identities, and daily human interactions. Sociology offers broad scope and relevance for research, theory, and the application of knowledge to address social problems in virtually any work environment. Sociology prepares students with marketable skills for work in both public and private job sectors including education, health, government, social advocacy, and research.

 News and Announcements

Sociology 2019-2020 Year-End Virtual Awards Reception

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Due to COVID-19, the Sociology department was unable to host their annual awards reception.  In lieu of it, we present this virtual awards reception.  

Dr. Angie Henderson and Sociology graduate student Megan Lundstrom trained Garfield County Sheriff's Office and gave a presentation at the Anti-Trafficking Summit on the western slope.



UNC Sociology M.A. graduate, Tasha VanMarter, was selected as one of Channel 7's Everyday Heros! 


Dr. Cliff Leek on Public Radio, WBUR's Here & Now:  "Amid Kavanaugh Allegations, Rethinking The Common Refrain 'Boys Will Be Boys.'"


Dr. Angie Henderson participated in a Bear in Mind podcast regarding sex trafficking in our own backyard.


Dr. Rebecca Beals was named Principle Investigator on an evaluation grant assessing the effectiveness and impact of a National Science Foundation program aimed at increasing undergraduate graduation rates and the representation of racial/ethnic minority students in science, technology, engineering and math graduate programs. 

Dr. Josh Packard and Lead Researcher, Megan Bissell, participated in a Bear in Mind podcast regarding how the Social Research Lab provides community businesses with tanglble datawhile providing UNC students with hands-on experience.


In Memory of Tiana Cunningham

Tiana Cunningham

The Department of Sociology is deeply saddened by the sudden accidental loss of one of our former undergraduates, Tiana Cunningham, on July 12, 2020. We offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends during this difficult time.

Tiana graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 2018, with a concentration in the area of Inequalities and Institutions. Tiana was passionate about her studies in race, racism, and inequality, especially as it related to prejudice and discrimination. During her time in UNC Sociology, she completed a mixed-method research project that explored the impact of prejudice and discrimination on African Americans, especially regarding the intersection of politics and social class. It was a fascinating project where she analyzed the complex factors that influence individual feelings of prejudice with real world implications for how to address these issues in society. She was hopeful after she found through her research that education was a factor that reduced individual prejudice and the impact that could have on discrimination. She was passionate about expanding her own education and educating others to influence a more inclusive and equitable world. In conversations with her professors, she often voiced concerns about these social issues and was ambitious in her pursuit of higher education to develop her already excellent leadership and communication skills in order to be a voice of change in the world.

Her professors and peers remember her as an engaged, passionate, ambitious, funny, witty, and friendly presence in the classroom. Her bright smile was truly contagious and she was always up for a good debate. We particularly admired her ability to listen to diverse perspectives with an open mind. Tiana was eager to understand all perspectives – while knowing in her heart what she stood for regarding her deep passion for combatting racism and discrimination. Her appreciated her willingness to engage with difficult material in order to be the most informed person she could be to truly make a difference in the lives of others – whether they shared her experiences and perspectives or not. The world lost a powerful, critical voice and true leader. 

While we only were able to experience a small part of Tiana’s life, she had a lasting impact on those in sociology – professors and fellow students – and we encourage you to learn more about Tiana and to consider contributing to her family during this difficult time.

Donate to Tiana Cunningham Memorial GoFundMe

Tiana Cunningham

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Social Research Lab

Founded in 2007, the Social Research Lab was founded in 2007 to serve UNC and the surrounding community by utilizing highly trained faculty and undergraduate and graduate students to produce affordable, customized research solutions. It reflects UNC's commitment to community engagement and experiential learning.

The SRL's two main goals are:

  • To provide high-quality assistance with research design and implementation for research projects with non-profit, for-profit and municipal clients
  • To provide training for graduate and undergraduate students in research methodologies and project management.

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