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Analyze Society and Achieve Social Change

Sociology is the study of social structure and the causes and consequences of human behavior. Sociologists investigate group dynamics, organizations, institutions, social identities, and daily human interactions. Sociology offers broad scope and relevance for research, theory, and the application of knowledge to address social problems in virtually any work environment. Sociology prepares students with marketable skills for work in both public and private job sectors including education, health, government, social advocacy, and research.


The UNC Department of Sociology is dedicated to the academic understanding and analysis of social, cultural and institutional aspects of human life. At its core, the sociological mission is rooted in social theory and the scientific method; we strive to empower students with the theoretical and analytical skills necessary to understand and evaluate society and social stratification towards positive social change. We prepare students for civic participation and work in public and private sectors of the economy including the areas of education, health, government, social welfare, marketing, and research. In addition, our department is dedicated to building sociological knowledge and skills that are applicable to advanced academic and post-graduate degrees.

Diversity Statement

We are committed to inclusion and fighting inequities across race, ethnicity, gender, age, physical or mental ability, religion, sexuality, and other social identities that are marginalized in society.

Land Acknowledgment

The University of Northern Colorado sits upon the territories of the Ute, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Lakota peoples. The University also acknowledges the 48 tribes that are historically tied to the state of Colorado.  UNC appreciates this connection and has great respect for this land. Additionally, the University community pays its respect to Elders past, present, and future, and to those who have stewarded this land throughout the generations. 

Explore Sociology at UNC

UNC offers a diverse, engaged sociology program, with small class sizes and the opportunity to work side-by-side with your professors. Learn more about the faculty you'll meet and explore UNC's unique sociology program in this video.

Social Research Lab

Founded in 2007, the Social Research Lab was founded in 2007 to serve UNC and the surrounding community by utilizing highly trained faculty and undergraduate and graduate students to produce affordable, customized research solutions. It reflects UNC's commitment to community engagement and experiential learning.

The SRL's two main goals are:

  • To provide high-quality assistance with research design and implementation for research projects with non-profit, for-profit and municipal clients
  • To provide training for graduate and undergraduate students in research methodologies and project management.

Explore Social Research Lab

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