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Cultivate Wisdom

Welcome to philosophy at UNC! Although the discipline has the reputation for being abstract and technical, the word literally means “love of wisdom,” and our faculty is committed to bringing the benefits of a philosophical education to students from all walks of life.

Did you know that among college graduates with no further training beyond a bachelor’s degree, philosophy majors earn higher average salaries by mid-career than other humanities and social sciences majors except economics, and more than most technical and vocational majors as well? Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at this salary survey from the Wall Street Journal by clicking on the box below. Once you’ve opened the survey, click twice at the top of the “Mid-Career Median Salary" column to sort from high to low.

Wall Street Journal Salary Increase by Major

These numbers aren’t surprising when you consider the story behind the data. Philosophy facilitates serious reflection on your most fundamental beliefs and values, enabling you to clarify your most basic concepts and discover the reasons you have for thinking and acting in the ways you do. Whether you take a single course or complete one of our degrees, philosophy will help you understand more about who you really are, and how you can craft a meaningful and productive life in our ever changing world.

News and Announcements

Danny Medoff: From Medic to Philosopher

Fall 2018 Philosophy graduate discusses why he chose UNC and a degree in philosophy after serving in the U.S. Army. 

“It helped me realize that I always tended to question, be skeptical, about the world and myself, but I always felt uncomfortable about asking questions,” he said. “Philosophy showed me how I do have the courage to ask challenging questions, confront challenging issues in more productive ways and not feel stuck in a singular mind-set.”

Read the full article from UNC News

UNC hosted the Rocky Mountain Regional Ethics Bowl

UNC hosted the Rocky Mountain Regional Ethics Bowl, an all-day ethics competition for students from students, on Saturday, Nov. 10, and tied for second and fifth place as well as won a Spirit Award for their fair, professional and respectful interactions with judges and other participants.

UNC’s teams were coached by Assistant Professor of Philosophy Bailie Peterson, and judges included Professor Emerita and HSS Dean, Laura Connolly, and Assistant Professor of Economics Rhonda Corman.

UNC Profs contribute to 1000-Word Philosophy

Check out Bailie Peterson’s entry on Attributes of God, and John Ramsey’s entries on Megzi’s Moral Psychology.

Prof. Ramsey interviewed by the American Philosophical Association

Learn about how he works on Diversifying the Philosophical Canon.

Student to present at the Minnesota Philosophical Scoiety Conference

Philosophy major Danny Medoff will present his paper on “Mass Shootings and the Concept of Evil” to the undergraduate section of the Minnesota Philosophical Society Conference on October 13th. His paper was accepted via anonymous peer review.