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Develop Deep Understanding

If you're passionate about solving society's most pressing problems, then consider studying Economics at UNC. We'll help you build the foundation you need to look at issues such as poverty, unemployment and inflation from a logical, analytical angle.

You'll use traditional and contemporary economic tools and concepts, as well as theories and quantitative analysis, to understand real-world problems.

In addition, the faculty and staff in the Department of Economics work with the outside community and provide services such as economic analysis, economic content training for teachers, and scholarly contributions to the external academic community.

News and Announcements

Economics Faculty in the Media

Economics and Environmental and Sustainability Studies Professor Mark Eisworth was interviewed for the Colorado Independent's article, "PARCHED: As hundreds of thousands of people move to Colorado, a critical water supply report is years behind schedule," where it discusses the water supply in Colorado.

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Check out our Alumni Highlight!

Charles Miles, Healthcare Analyst Associate
Health Economics Department at Blue Cross and Blue Shield


Economics Emphases

Effective Fall 2015, the Department of Economics implemented emphases so students could align their undergraduate economics degree more closely with their career interests and/or graduate school aspirations. In addition to the traditional Bachelor of Arts degree in economics that they can still choose, UNC students can now earn a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with the following emphases:

 Business Economics

Business Economics

Work as a business economist or enroll in graduate business programs.

Enviornmental Economics 

Environmental Economics

Pursue interests in environmental and sustainability issues.

International Economics 

International Economics

 Bring your skills and expertise to the diplomatic service (typically as an economic attaché) or to multilateral economic organizations.

Public Policy 

Public Policy

Develop your career within local, state and federal government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Economics...it's much more than you think

Watch this video from the American Economic Association on why getting a degree in economics is useful to all individuals and can lead to many interesting career choices. Hear insights from four diverse individuals on how a background in economics provided them with tools for solving very human problems.