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Larry and Connie Wiget smiling.
Michelle Sarahang smiles wearing her graduation regalia.
Students smile as they settle into their desks.
Hand types on calculator while the other holds a paper.
Rick Pieper poses with his wife, two daughters and son-in-law.
Female student, Shae Lefcourt smiling and leaning on a building on UNC's campus
Liz Kissell leaning on a railing near windows smiling
Young woman signing contracts and handshake with a manager
Female college student wearing a white robe in a biology lab
HannahGrace posing with her graduation cap with her arm in the air
Cynthia Duarte holding up her right arm posing for a picture
Aerial shot of the University of Northern Colorado's campus
Lindsey and Casey Goodman standing next to each other, smiling
Kathleen Sears talking to a student in a classroom
Students sitting inside college building talking to faculty member
Jim Bowman sitting in leather chair in front of fireplace
John Lee Beatty talking to students
Birdseye view of the University of Northern Colorado
Outdoor Pursuits
Emergency Fund For Students
Jen and Dan Taylor
people walking during UNC's 2022 Women's Walk
Bears Give Back 2022
Ribbon cutting at Empower Center
Steinway piano photo
UNC students on campus
golf course
2020-21 cohort of students in Stryker via Zoom
Murza with her kids and the bags she compiled together for the programs
Marian Hamilton
Ashley Buchholz sewing masks
Anne Toewe's home teaching setup
Julia Riley wearing homemade mask while working
Card campaign cards
UNC alum Teacher Tuesday winners standing with Jonathan Shaw
campus commons
paul heidger