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Daisy Solis: How a Donor Funded Scholarship Supported Me

November 14, 2019

“To me UNC means a lifetime of opportunities,” says junior Daisy Solis. “I am one year closer to graduating and I am one year closer to my dreams.” 
Daisy is a first-generation student pursuing a degree in nursing and human services. Like many other first-generation students, when she initially arrived at UNC, Daisy was unsure of herself – at least until she received a special boost from a donor supported scholarship.  
“I got the Reisher Family Scholarship and it’s amazing. I applied for it and didn’t think that I would get it because a lot of people apply for it,” Daisy says. “This scholarship means the world to me and my family. It gives me confidence. It makes me feel like I was meant to be here. The fact that the Reisher family saw potential within me, I’ll be forever thankful for that.” 
The Reisher Family Scholarship Program seeks to help promising Colorado students earn their undergraduate degrees without incurring additional educational debt. Funding covers students’ unmet needs for up to six semesters as long as they maintain good academic standing, but the support it provides to students like Daisy goes far beyond that.  
“What it means to me is that I don’t have to stress financially about what I’m doing at school or how I’m going to pay for it. I honestly think as students in college, we should be stressing and worrying about school and actual classes instead of how we’re going to be paying for it,” Daisy says. “This gave me the confidence booster and faith and hope that I’m going to be able to make it here and I can graduate in four years. That’s what the Reisher Family Scholarship does.” 
Daisy is right on track to do just that. Her dreams are well within reach, thanks in large part to the support she received from this scholarship.  
That’s exactly why she has a special message for the donors who made it all possible:  
“Thank you. From of the bottom of my heart. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for seeing something within me that I didn’t see in myself.”   


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