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New Tools Help Unlock Your Financial Future

To help alumni and friends plan their financial future, UNC has new, free tools.

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) community boasts many alumni and friends who are committed to seeing the university thrive. It’s their generous support that has allowed UNC to provide for its students, respond to industry needs and continue elevating Northern Colorado as an educational destination. 

UNC recently launched a new site with tools that will help you create long-term financial stability for your family while empowering UNC students to make a difference in the world. 

For those who want to make a difference at UNC today and save on taxes, the site also features ways to roll over an IRA required minimum distribution.

There is a common misconception that making a gift through your estate will take financial security away from your family. In fact, certain estate gifts can generate income for your loved ones. Planning your giving is an effective way to ensure that you can financially support both your loved ones and your Bear family. 

These gifts, like one that provided nearly $2 million for an endowed scholarship for students majoring in Music and History, have an enormous and lasting impact on campus. Gifts can support individual students or faculty, or entire programs, such as one estate gift which was designated to support the Master’s Program in Physical Education. 

The Sharon Gander scholarship is another of the many examples of estate gifts improving the lives of UNC students. Through a simple scholarship, Gander’s estate supports students in the Bears First program, which provides personalized coaching and advising for students who enter UNC with a high school grade point average below 3.0, helping them start their college experience off strong. The scholarship has helped sixstudents receive the support they need to pursue their education and graduate with a college degree so far. Sharon Gander’s legacy lives on thanks to her generosity and commitment to supporting access to higher education.  

Planned giving plays a unique role in the future of UNC. Regardless of age, life stage or level of support, with the new tools available, every member of the Bear network can ensure that the people and causes they care about are provided for.  

Visit our new website to access insight and assistance with estate planning and other popular philanthropic tools. 

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