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A profile shot of Philip Marshall wearing a navy polo shirt and smiling
Sean Johnson standing in the brewing laboratory beside steel kettles.
man standing in wheat field using technology to monitor climate changes
portrait of Ken Colwell beside a photo of the front entrance of Kepner Hall
Front entrance of UNC's Monfort College of Business.
Professor talking with smiling female college photography student
Students sitting inside college building talking to faculty member
Daniels Fund Ethics logo
Finalists announced for e-challenge
E-Challenge web header
Collage of previous participants
Clinebell teaching students in SAFF
Toilet paper being made at manufacturing plant
Graphic of coronavirus and stock markets
Empty shelves at a store
Woman on cell phone
MCB building
The Johnson family live on Shark Tank
E-challenge flier
Past winner of MCB E-Challenge
MCB building and photo of new dean
MCB Dean Paul Bobrowski (right) and Blake Craig of Laborjack (left), one of the finalists from the April 2019 Entrepreneurial Challenge.
Professional Attire Closet with Melissa Hoffman
The Ad Campaigns class for the 2019 District 12 American Advertising Federation’s annual National Student Advertising Competition.
Students who attended the ethics competition
The students who competed in the business competition in Brussels.
The eight students who attended the NRF conference in January 2019.
mcb 50th graphic
startup challenge logo
Kepner Hall, Monfort College of Business
e-challenge logo
UNC students on the winning team are, from left: Christopher Campbell,Christopher Bristow, Michelle Ellison, Madison Marrs, Evan Adams, and Kendall Ryan.
Winners of the BBB's Best Written Paper Nomination, from left: Alyssa VanAmerongen, Kady Barthelemy and Alvaro Marquez.
keiko krahnke in class
echallenge logo