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46th Annual Accounting Golf Tournament Supports Student Scholarships

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July 12, 2021

For more than 46 years, UNC alumni have teed up to support scholarships for UNC Accounting students in the annual Accounting Golf Tournament. This year, 19 teams and 76 players met at the Meridian Golf Club in Denver on June 14 and added nearly $9,000 to scholarship funds for accounting students.  

Since 2003, Accounting students in the Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business have received more than $130,000 in scholarship support.

“The accounting golf tournament enables alums to directly engage with MCB and support our Students First mission,” says Sher Gibbs, Ph.D., dean. “MCB provides scholarships to more than 40% of its students. This would not be possible without the generosity of alums participating in this event."

For students like Ashlyn Flores, a sophomore majoring in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration, scholarships offer her a chance to meet her potential.

Learning that I was selected to receive the Accounting Department Award, I was at a loss for words. I grew up in a household that faced continuous financial and academic challenges, and I knew that receiving a college education was vital for my future success,” she says. “I’m so thankful for your generous contribution to my education and for seeing the potential in students like me.” 

The Accounting program is one of five areas of academic emphasis in the college of business, offering students options at the undergraduate and graduate level, including the Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree. The program’s ties to professional alumni and corporate networks help students in developing the relationships to succeed in careers after college. 

Jamie Martin, a senior in Business Administration with an accounting concentration, says, “College can be challenging to pay for, especially as a child from a single-parent home that is supporting two students in college. Receiving the Accounting Department Award is a steppingstone towards accomplishing my goals of becoming a successful addition to a company in the future. I know that opportunities like this are rare, and it makes me even more appreciative to know that generous donors to UNC are choosing to help students like me. I plan to continue my hard work and strive for success in all that I do.”   

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