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The students who competed in the business competition in Brussels.

UNC Seniors Compete in International Business Competition

The University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort College of Business sent six seniors to the Solvay Business Games Competition held in Brussels, Belgium, in early March.

The University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort College of Business sent six seniors to the Solvay Business Games Competition held in Brussels, Belgium, in early March.

All of the students said that the experience was helpful and better prepared them for the future. Those who attended included Christopher Ahrens, Suraj Dhillon, Derek Downing, Cassidy Jones, Brandon Ouellette and Rochelle Smith.

Image above shows the six seniors who attended the Sovay Business Games Competition. From left to right: Cassidy Jones, Christopher Ahrens, Suraj Dhillon, Brandon Ouellette, Rochelle Smith and Derek Downing.

The students were divided into three teams and competed in six challenges designed to test their business problem-solving skills and creativity. The three teams represented the top 400 selected in the preliminary round out of 1,032 applicants from 66 nationalities and 142 universities.

SBG logo at the eventThe challenges included: business development, marketing, strategy, negotiation, pitch and eloquence. Students were randomly paired with other teams in order to experience working with different cultures from around the world.

“Interacting with each set of partners for each challenge was unique in itself,” said Jones. “Chris and I worked together quite well with the first partners we were assigned to work with, despite our cultural differences.”

Overall, UNC finished with some of the highest scores including:

  • 9th out of 64 teams in the marketing challenge;
  • 11th out of 96 teams in the negotiation challenge; and
  • 13th out of 64 teams in the strategy challenge.

“I loved the cross-cultural experiences of working with incredible students from across the world,” said Smith. “We also had a diverse experience in the kinds of challenges we competed in, and, as I’m graduating this May, it was the most valuable experience I’ve had at the Monfort College of Business, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.”

The Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management organizes this annual, real-life business competition with 400 participants selected from all around the world. Learn more: solvaybusinessgame.com

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