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2021 Entrepreneurial Challenge Winners Announced

February 25, 2021

The University of Northern Colorado's Monfort College of Business has announced the winners of the 2021 Entrepreneurial Challenge. After making improvements to their business plans based on judges’ feedback in the semifinals, four Open Division participants and three Collegiate Division participants presented their pitches in the finals on Feb. 24.

The following are winners for the Open Division:

  1. First place ($20,000): TissueForm. TissueForm provides an injectable product for patients who have the problem of involution disorders, such as lipodystrophy, atrophy, or wrinkles, and decreases the number of repeat injections needed to maintain their self-confidence, thereby increasing their treatment satisfaction and reducing risk of complications.

  2. Second place ($15,000): New Direction Packaging. New Direction Packaging, LLC (NDP) has developed a novel, patent-pending packaging system for consumers who enjoy snack foods that have a naturally inedible waste byproduct (shells). The reusable packaging system to provide the consumer with a convenient and hygienic way to enjoy eating the seeds they love without the mess.

  3. Third place ($7,000): DiningTek. DiningTek is the wealth creation engine for restaurants. It’s an all-in-one software platform providing a customized online-ordering system, apps for takeout orders and AI-powered marketing.

  4. Fourth place ($3,000): Magna-Shox. The Magna-1 Shock is an alternative shock absorber for road vehicles in which suspension energy is converted into usable electrical energy increasing the efficiency of both EVs and traditional fossil fuel vehicles by up to 10%.

The following are winners for the Collegiate Division:

  1. First place ($2,500): My Peace. My Peace is an app that detects and aids in calming an anxiety attack early on while also creating a platform that allows users to connect with each other and tracking of anxiety symptoms and progress.

  2. Second place ($1,500): Sit Rep. Sit Rep is an app for veterans that creates a social community for support and understanding while also showing job opportunities, local services and businesses that offer specials for veterans.

  3. Third place ($1,000): Hawk Financial. Hawk Financial is an app that has the standard calculators, tracking features, along with other common financial tools, found in personal finance apps while also teaching end-users about personal finance.

The Entrepreneurial Challenge is an annual startup venture competition hosted by the Monfort College of Business for the enrichment of student experiential learning at UNC. Learn more about the Entrepreneurial Challenge at https://mcb.unco.edu/e-challenge/.

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