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Finalists Announced: Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge

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February 14, 2020

Four finalists from the Open Division have been selected to compete in the finals of the 11th annual Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado. A panel of experts with diverse backgrounds and skills evaluated the competitors’ business plans and presentations.

Along with the finalists from the Open Division, four finalists from the Collegiate Division will present their business plans to a panel of judges at the University Center Ballrooms on UNC’s campus at 9 a.m., March 4. In addition to receiving feedback from the judges on critical elements for entrepreneur success, competitors will compete for a portion of $50,000 in scholarships and prize money.

The four finalists from the Open Division are:

  1. Darwin Biosciences
    Darwin Biosciences is developing SickStick, a saliva-based in vitro diagnostic device for the early detection of infectious disease. SickStick is easy to use and capable of detecting when an individual is infected with a contagious disease days before clinical symptoms appear.

  2. Go2Grips
    Go2Grips patented a wheelchair grip design that helps secure medical equipment and personal items to wheelchairs that increases the safety and independence of wheelchair users. They also work for wheelchair bags, shopping bags, backpacks and purses, which makes them valuable for travel and community dwelling wheelchair users.

  3. Momentum Optics
    Momentum Optics has developed an advanced manufacturing technology that enables the company to fabricate lenses at a lower cost and faster speed compared to traditional methods. Using this technology, the company is addressing the unmet need for affordable optical lenses that can be rapidly delivered to customers.

  4. Ouro Mobility
    Ouro Mobility operates an all-electric carsharing service specifically designed for master-planned housing communities and their residents. Vehicles and charging stations will be parked throughout these communities, and residents will be able to reserve, pay for and unlock a vehicle via the mobile app.

The four finalists from the Collegiate Division are:

  1. Ava.ai
    Ava is primarily designed for people with mental illnesses, but it is also designed to help people manage their day-to-day mental health and make sure they remain healthy. Ava uses the latest AI technologies and health tracking features, such as heartbeat and oxygen level sensors, integrated in most smartphones and watches. Ava then builds a profile of the user and then engages with and learns about them, discovering what is causing the illness and creating a database of how the users’ feelings have varied through the day, month and year. This data is then paired with the health tracking data, all of which would then be processed, and Ava would offer the necessary remedies and help the user.

  2. Chore Champion
    Chore Champion is the mobile app that rewards kids for doing chores with experiences from local businesses. Through the app, parents can assign chores, track progress and reward their children’s hard work.

  3. Impossibly Possible
    Impossibly Possible is an idea for a fast-food, plant-based restaurant that offers drive-thru service at an affordable price. Not only is the food sold convenient and delicious, but it is also healthy and better for the environment. Customers can eat guilt-free knowing their food is sourced locally from the freshest ingredients and served with values that encompass the passion of caring for our bodies as well as the planet.

  4. Zue
    Zue will be an online store for people who like to shop for artistic clothing items and prints. They will find their items and know the artists behind their work. The behind the scenes includes collaborations with the artists to place their work on prints and items, such as sweatshirts.

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