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Bicycle Permits and Registration

Download the Bicycle Registration form 

How to fill out the bicycle registration

UNC has a bicycle registration program for anyone wishing to park or ride their bicycle on campus as a form of theft protection. Registering your bike with Parking Services assists the UNC Police Department in locating stolen bikes.

Handwritten registration forms will not be accepted. Please download the form to Microsoft Word and type your responses. Once completed, bring the registration form to Parking Services at the University Center Information desk. 

Bike registration is $20 and the price will be added to your student bill. Those who register their bike with Parking Services will receive a free U Lock with purchase. 

If Your Bike Is Missing

  • If you believe your bicycle was stolen, call the campus police at 970-351-2245.
  • The easiest way to claim a lost, stolen or impounded bike is through registration records.
  • The UNC Police impound all abandoned bicycles on the Monday after Spring Finals Week.  You will need contact the UNC police at 970-351-2245, show a photo ID, and identify your bicycle. You have up to one year to claim your bicycle.

Theft Prevention

University campuses can be a target for thieves. Following a few common sense guidelines can help keep your bike safe.

  • Register your bike. It's a theft deterrent and the most reliable way to get a stolen bike back to you. 
  • Protect your investment with a quality U-lock.
  • Replace any quick release levers with Allen bolts or 15 millimeter nuts.
  • Always lock your bike, even if you’re only gone for a minute.
  • Using two locks is even better than using one!
  • Make your bike look used by covering brand names with stickers or duct tape. Ugly bikes are less attractive to thieves.
  • Keep a copy of your bikes serial number in your wallet.
  • Hide a business card or index card with your name and phone number inside the bike frame.

Blue Cruiser Bikes

Campus Recreation is excited to provide a free campus bike program, in order to offer an affordable and environmentally sustainable form of transportation to students. This program strives to provide an alternative to driving and promote bear pride on campus. Campus Recreation has a fleet of 100 cruiser bicycles and 20 Mountain Bikes, designed unique to UNC. All bikes come with a helmet and lock, as well as the option to use a front-mounted basket.