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Apogee Cable Services

Apogee’s Cable provides on-campus cable service.
This company provides digital TV service to more than 240 campuses throughout the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What TV Channels do we offer?

    Check out our channel and setup guide.

  • How do I setup my television when I arrive on campus?

    All TV’s will require re-tuning, usually via an auto-programming or channel scan feature in the menu of your television, in order to capture all new channels.

    Please ensure that the Standard Cable Setting is selected (not Air, Antenna, HRC or IRC). We have found that the auto-programming process can be as swift as 5 minutes or up to 45 minutes depending upon the television being programmed.

  • Is my television compatible?

    Apogee is an all digital system using QAM technology. QAM is a type of digital signal that is used by cable companies to distribute television and other telecommunication mediums. This change is similar to the 2009 digital TV switchover that was mandatory for OTA (Over The Air) broadcast stations. (Important: QAM signals are different than Over the Air signals. If you buy a digital converter or set top box from a local electronics store, it will most likely not work).

    Analog TV’s or TV’s that are generally more than 5 years old may require the purchase of a digital-to-analog converter box (QAM Tuner noted above) in order to view the new channels since the old analog system is being replaced with a digital signal. The cost of the converter / tuner will be the responsibility of the student. These converter boxes, can be purchased through Amazon for the conversion of an older set with an analog tuner.

  • Will my TV work with our new system? How can I tell if my TV has a QAM tuner?

    If your television has been manufactured within the last 5 years, there is a good chance that it can receive the QAM signal.  The easiest way to tell if your model will work:

    • Refer to the documentation which came with your television.  Look for QAM-capable on the checklist of features for your TV.
    • Google your make and model - look for QAM-capable.

    Not all new or recently purchased TV’s will function if they are “off-brand” TV’s like “Element” or “Westinghouse”. These models may not be equipped with a “clear” QAM tuner. However, some of these televisions have been equipped with the QAM tuner. Please review this technical specification on any newly purchased TV’s. The vast majority of newer TV’s will work properly.

    Tuner Issues
    The small percentage of receiving devices may experience clear QAM tuning issues. These issues include the inability to recognize video and audio streams, variances in the channel numbering format, the channel description, or the channel programming detail. As new television models are released, we expect manufacturers will endeavor to remedy clear QAM issues.

    Digital TV’s that are not equipped with the QAM tuner will need a converter box.  Campus Televideo recommends the following converter box. (http://multicomstore.com/pico-digital-hd-2-1.html)