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Tutoring in the Halls

 Tutoring in the HallsHousing and Residential Education has been a proud partner with Tutorial Services at UNC since the Fall of 2011. Through this partnership we are able to offer peer led tutoring services in the residence halls. Think of it as tutoring in your jammies!

Tutoring in the residence halls is offered in a select number of Residential Learning Communities (RLCs). Our Biology, Elementary Education, Monfort College of Business, and Cumbres RLCs currently have a Resident Assistant (RA) who spends between four and six hours a week dedicated to providing in hall tutoring for a set list of courses directly required for that academic major.

Our RAs in these communities have been rigorously selected based on not only their qualifications to be an RA but also on their academic mastery of their respective discipline. UNC’s Tutorial Services is certified through the College Reading and Learning Association. Certification of our tutors requires a minimum achievement in the courses they tutor, faculty recommendation for each course they tutor, and extensive training on how to effectively tutor in a peer to peer dynamic.

We are very proud to be able to offer this benefit to our students and demonstrate our commitment to academic success in the residence halls. For more information on Tutorial Services please visit their website.