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Patricia Jolly

Patricia Jolly

Senior Lecturer

Humanities and Social Sciences

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A Letter From Trish

Hello.  I am excited to meet all of you as the semester unfolds.  I am your Faculty In Residence, FIR for short.  For those of you who aren’t sure what that means, I am a full-time faculty member who lives in the resident hall here at President’s Row. I am a senior lecturer with the Anthropology department who also teaches for the Life of the Mind Program. I am passionate about my discipline, teaching and students.  So I opted to join the FIR program three years ago. I spent the first two years living with my son, Aidan, in Harrison Hall before we moved over here to President’s Row.   As a FIR I am here to help coordinate some events to spend time getting to know you guys, as well as offering times to hang out and chat as an additional resource for your life on campus.  I think that the connections we make with faculty during our collegiate experience play a big role in our success and experience.  So, feel free to reach out and let me know if you would like to meet up for tea, or dinner together in the dining hall.

Look for announcements around the mailboxes that announce different opportunities for you to join in activities throughout the semester.  A small preview of events include, cooking together and enjoying dinner at my place, watching art films, a chance to get out and learn more about the Greeley community by going to different restaurants, taking a city bus tour, and watching art flicks at the Kress Cinema. Watch for things like pumpkin painting, or other craft nights, and of course my favorite is “cats on the lawn”.  I have two adorable cats and they like to go outside on their leashes and hang out on the lawn with students.  Watch for texts and emails!  

As an alumnus from UNC (my BA is from here in History), I have always admired the Pres Row space and am delighted that I can call this home.  I am sure you will see my son and I at the dining hall from time to time, so please come and introduce yourself. I am excited to get to know you.

My office is in Candelaria 2233, and if you find yourself over that way you are always welcome to swing by and say hello. 

Email: patricia.jolly@unco.edu

See you soon I hope.


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