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Outdoor Pursuits Residential Learning Community

The Outdoor Pursuits Residential Learning Community (RLC) is designed to bring students, who have a passion for the outdoors and adventure, together in one community. 

Outdoor Pursuits RLC

Partnered with the Outdoor Pursuits office, this community will offer students low to no cost trips designed to help provide easy ways for students to get out and explore!  Outdoor Pursuits also partners with this RLC to provide a number of workshops designed to help students gain valuable knowledge and skills to plan their own adventures.  Overall this community builds upon a shared passion for adventure and exploration to create connections among those who sign up to live in this community. 

Individuals who sign up may also get the chance to participate in one of the exciting LaUNCh extended orientation trips where you spend several days getting to know other new UNC students through outdoor adventure!

On the Housing contract, select Outdoor Pursuits from the Themed Housing Options drop down list.