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International Student Housing

What are the living and dining options for international students?

International students are allowed to live in any residence hall on campus. However, Arlington Park Apartments may be of interest to international students due to the Global Village residential learning community.  Another option is Lawrenson Hall.  Rooms within this residence hall are suite-style and the building remains open during winter and spring breaks.

Arlington Park Apartments

Arlington Park Apartments are located just 2 blocks from West campus and offers a variety of floor plans for students. The apartment complex hosts the Global Village Community which is designed for domestic students interested in studying abroad and as well as international students.  Various dining plans are available for students who live in these buildings. For more information, please call the Dining Services office at 970-351-2652 or email them at diningservices@unco.edu.

Note: If you are applying for Arlington Park Apartments, you can also apply for the residence halls.  If Arlington Park Apartments fills up all of its apartments, the residence halls can be your back-up plan for housing.

Lawrenson Hall

Lawrenson Hall houses 438 students from many different nationalities in furnished, air-conditioned rooms on West campus.   Each suite accommodates 4 students.  There are 2 bedrooms per suite and each bedroom is shared with another student. 

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars have 3 options for living on UNC campus.  1) They can rent a full apartment at Arlington Park Apartments, 2) rent one bedroom within an apartment at Arlington Park Apartments or 3) live in one bedroom within a shared University-Owned House.  The houses are rented by the bed and are not family housing.  Within the houses, visiting scholars can rent either a shared double room or a single room.  All placements are based on availability.

Please view the visiting scholars lease to apply for housing.