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How to Apply for Housing

Before you Start...

The date your contract and deposit are received is the “priority date” for your assignment. The UNC Housing & Residential Education Office will assign you into a space for the academic year.  Hall and room placements are based on your “priority date”.  

error Students must pay the $200 Admissions Enrollment Confirmation Deposit before they can apply for housing.  There is a 24-hour business day delay between the time the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit is paid and you are able to apply for housing.

Decisions are made based on the following preference hierarchy, so decide what is most important to you, ONLY select that preference followed by your subsequent priorities on your application. For example, if your top priority is being in the Outdoor Pursuits RLC, you should not list a roommate (but you can add a housing tier as your backup option).

Housing Preference Order


Online Application Instructions

1. Activate your Ursa account so that you have a username and password.

2. Submit your Enrollment Confirmation Deposit with Admissions.  Once you've decided to attend UNC, confirm your space with a $200 nonrefundable deposit.  The $200 applies directly to your student bill the first semester you enroll at UNC.  


You will need to wait 1 business day after paying the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit before you can access the online housing contract.  If you make your Enrollment Confirmation Deposit over the weekend, it will be the following Tuesday that the housing contract will become available.

3.  To start the Online Housing contract, log into your Ursa account, then click on the "Online Housing Contract" link located under the "General Information" section of your account.  You will need to use the same Ursa login credentials to access the Online Housing Contract.  

4.  Read the short introduction and click Enter to start the housing contract process. Before you can continue, you will need to agree to the Housing Contract Terms and Conditions (the contract is for a full academic year: August-May). If you are under age 18 at the time you agree to the terms and conditions, it is inferred by submitting your contract that your parents are also in agreement. Review your student information for accuracy. If corrections are necessary, please e-mail the Registrar’s Office or call 970-351-4862.  Note: Address corrections can be made in your Ursa account.

5.  Housing & Dining Services recognizes that some students may have medical, physical, and/or psychological needs that could be greatly impacted by their housing assignment, needs that may need some consideration in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act.  You should contact the University’s Disability Resource Center (DRC) Office if you have a disability or medical condition that requires specific housing ADA accommodations. You are REQUIRED to go to the University’s Disability Resource Center website if you need housing accommodations. You MUST complete the questionnaire and submit documentation to request an accommodation in housing. The Disability Resource Center will assist you to determine the required accommodations. If you have any questions on this process please call the DSS office at (970) 351-2289

As of October 1, 2017, Housing & Residential Education states students with disabilities approved for single rooms, or other requested accommodations required by Disability Resource Center, as housing accommodations are not charged a supplemental single-room premium or room buyout charge solely because of the need for the accommodation. 

6. Review the prices for the various residence halls with the different meal plan options.  Housing costs are based on tier pricing.  Tier 1 is the lowest and Tier 6 is the highest.

7. Decide if you want to be in a Residential Learning Community. You need to be declared with specific majors to be eligible for the community.  The communities that are considered housing options do not need a specific major - just an interest in the theme of the living community.  The residential learning communities are located in specific residence halls and may also be on specific floors.

 8. Provide the required $100 housing deposit by selecting either Pay Later or Pay by Credit Card. If you choose to pay later, your contract will be incomplete until you pay the deposit. If you pay the deposit, a payment confirmation e-mail will be sent to your UNC e-mail address once your contract is received in our department. If you do not receive a payment confirmation e-mail, please contact us to make sure your payment was received.

9.  You can enter a roommate request on the housing contract.  In the roommate preference field, enter the correct spelling for their first name, last name and Bear number. If you do not have a roommate preference, the Assignments Coordinator will match you with another student by using the roommate matching criteria on the housing contract.

10.  Room assignments for Fall 2019 will be done by May 31, 2019.  You can log back into the Housing website to view your room assignment and any potential roommate information.

11.  For students that want to return to the residence halls for the following academic year, you will log into the Housing and Dining Contract during the Call Dibs/Claim Your Space campaign in January, 2019. 

12. Requests are honored on a priority date availability basis. If you have questions regarding on-campus housing, please contact us at 970-351-2721.