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How to Apply

When we are actively recruiting for new Hall Director candidates, job openings will be posted through the UNC Human Resources official university posting and applicant portal.



Professional Staff

Why the University of Northern Colorado?

Housing & Residential Education at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) offers a uniquely wide range of accommodations for our students. As a Hall Director, you will be at the center of building a campus community that is reflective of our values of academic engagement, inclusion, and connection to the greater university community.

During your time here, you will create lasting relationships with students, faculty, and staff. Our hope is that you take the time to invest in these relationships as we stand for a Culture of CARE, which emphasizes empathy, community building, civility, recognition, and exceptional customer service.

Gain Experience

The experiences you will gain as a Hall Director include:

  • Academic Integration
  • Customer Service
  • Community Building
  • Equity/Inclusion
  • Supervision and Advising
  • Recruitment, Selection, and Training
  • Facility Management
  • Crisis Response
  • Student Conduct
  • Budget Oversight
  • Committee Work
  • Campus Collaboration

As an active and regionally recognized department, we encourage and support professional development. You will gain connections through multiple networking opportunities to grow your own professional reputation. Our goal is to provide a foundation for you to establish your career and work with you to acquire necessary skills and experiences for your future. 


  • Staff Pet Policy
  • Retirement
  • Tuition Benefit
  • Health Care

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