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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

University Flats

UNC has a strong partnership with the City of Greeley and has been in conversation with them regarding issues with the University Flats housing complex and the potential impact on UNC students. Information about building code violations and/or the status of the investigation should be referred to the City of Greeley, (970) 350-9702.

In the event our students are displaced, our priority is ensuring they are taken care of and experience the least amount of disruption as possible, and we have put several things in motion to ensure that happens. We have sufficient space available on campus and will offer a 10-day grace period for housing at no cost to our students while they weigh their living options. That includes the option to retain on-campus housing through the remainder of the semester.

On-Campus Housing Options

Option 1

Complete a full academic year contract with Housing & Residential Education

To complete the academic year contract go to the Student Housing Portal. We will work to assign you to your preferred tier based on availability. Your contract will be for the remainder of the academic year (until May 7, 2022).

Student Housing Portal

Option 2

Temporary Emergency Housing

Housing & Residential Education will provide temporary emergency housing at no cost for 10 days. Students will be assigned to individual bedrooms in one of our Tier 1 residence halls (no direct roommates, but community bathrooms). If students stay past the 10 days they will be asked to complete the academic year contract or may be required to pay a daily rate. Students will need to complete the temporary emergency housing form.

Temporary Emergency Housing Form

We have begun to reach out to several groups across campus to mobilize volunteers within our university community to assist our students if they need help moving. We are also prepared to connect those students with other resources available across campus, such as counseling and free legal counsel.