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New and Exciting Updates

Providing you with high quality, satisfying, and numerous dining options every day is one of our primary goals – which is why we are excited to share some updates with you. Over the course of the next year, there will be some changes taking place regarding your campus dining options. We are tackling this in three phases, and we wanted to share those with you.


Phase 1: Welcome Back Starbucks®

Yes, you read that right! We heard your pleas to bring Starbucks® back to campus, and we are excited to announce that they will be open when you return in Fall 2022. This will be a fully functioning Starbucks® with a full food and drink menu located in Holmes Hall. Construction will begin in a few months to ensure it will be ready by Fall 2022.

Because of the addition of Starbucks® at Holmes Hall, it will be taking the place of the current Gourmet To Go location. We understand that Gourmet To Go is an important dining option for many students, so we are looking into relocating Gourmet To Go to a different location on campus. Stay tuned for more details regarding Gourmet To Go.

Phase 2: University Center Additions

The second phase includes adding three new dining options to the University Center. When selecting what new restaurants to bring to campus, we took into consideration student desires, type of cuisine offered, and proximity of different dining options to campus. 

UC shops

We are excited to have Bowlful, Empire State Pizza, and Crisol Latin Kitchen join the growing list of new dining options available in the UC. Construction of these locations will be taking place starting Spring 2022 to ensure they will be available for students in Fall 2022. A more detailed description of these new restaurants is below:

Bowlful will bring a variety of healthy choices including plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. You will be able to build your own salad, rice, and noodle bowls throughout the day.


Empire State Pizza is a local New York style pizza company that we are very excited to partner with. They serve a variety of pizza at an affordable price while serving customers at the highest level. They won the pizza taste test event we held earlier this semester!

empire state pizza

Crisol Latin Kitchen will bring an authentic and high-quality taste of Latin cuisine to the UNC campus. Menu choices will vary from healthy to indulgent and will give you unique foods to explore with unbelievable authentic flavors. Crisol Latin Kitchen was chosen over other options due to an overwhelming student vote.


Phase 3: Burger Bar & Sports Lounge

The third phase will add a burger bar and sports lounge to the University Center. Our survey results showed that most students would rather have a sports lounge over an e-sports/gaming center. You will be able to order food while relaxing – or you could use it as a study lounge too! We hope to offer themed nights and fun events like trivia, open mic night, live music, and even movie nights. Our goal is to have this location open sometime during the Fall 2022 semester.

burger bar

We are aware the e-sports/gaming center was an exciting concept to a sizable portion of students, but you also told us that this space in the UC was not optimal. We are now looking to relocate it to a different location on campus. Stay tuned for more details in the future regarding the e-sports/gaming center.

We are incredibly grateful for your input on how we can improve your dining experience here at UNC. We hope to bring you excitement with these upcoming changes and additions to your dining and student life experience. 

Dr. Jenna Finley, Executive Director of Student Affairs
Meagan Johnson, Director of Dining Services