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Global Village Community

The Global Village Community is focused on international living and experiencing college through a global lens. Students will have the opportunity to live with domestic students interested in studying abroad, as well as other international students. 

Global Village RLC

Explore Culture

Students explore culture through:

  • Food
  • Music
  • Conversations
  • On-campus programs such as sporting events, BINGO, movies and bowling.

Make Connections

Global Village residents create meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

This community works closely with the Center for International Education to plan events and connect new International students with International Ambassadors (current UNC students who take them around town, help with adjustment to campus, and make friends). The Global Village community is designed for both American and International Students who wish to learn more about world cultures and make life-long international friends.  On the housing contract, select Global Village from the Themed Housing Options drop down list.